Spread 'em, it's Christmas!

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(Top Right) Is 'council gritter' rhyming slang anywhere else in the world?


It's been a few days since I've been outside and seen anything new so I thought i'd put together a small list of things to buy and head into town. The Christmas Market has arrived and you can have yourself a massive German Sausage...


Get your pork pulled....


Or roast your chestnuts on someone else's open fire...


And, like last year, there's also a fair amount of FUD knocking around....


Windmills are Christmassy?


Hansel and Gretel's house could be?


Found this guy, needs a shave imo.


I actually need to start thinking of what I'm going to do this Christmas. There's little chance I'll get to see my daughter on the day until the invention of teleportation, or maybe when she's older and hosts a dinner herself - inviting all sides of the family, hmm. My brother is further north, mother overseas, and the friends I've spoken to recent are visiting their families in other parts of the UK. I do have a couple of friends that own a pub just out of town though, and propping the bar up whilst eating their sprouts could well be my best best.

Will I buy any decorations? Unlikely - what's the point if no-one will be visiting?

This months pay is going to be rather light too, and i'm really hoping that the new job (starting in a week) will be paying out early in December, and that i'll actually be receiving my first paycheck. If not, it's going to be beans on toast for a few weeks with HP sauce rations.

5 weeks to go, I hope your sacks are large.



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That looks exactly like the Christmas market in our city centre, right down to the windmills and sausages! I suspect a conspiracy.

Stay with friends that own a pub. That sounds magic!

Do you think there's a factory building these wooden xmas-themed houses? Not fooling me!

Yeah I think i'll do that. It will be warm, there will be food, and there will certainly be beer!

I think there is, a slightly wonky shoddy factory!!

Could well be my photos :/

It is a "cut and paste" Christmas. Downvote the plagiarist!

I think I'll use stock photos next year :)

Be sure to reference the source :D


You're right, this is my night out on Friday. Kills him!!

I have large sacks full of Christmas balls.

Plenty of glitter to go round :D

No doubt about that. ;)

Spread what? ;)

Are you open to suggestions?

The grit on the roads of course!

Do you actually shave? I think you'll look strange if and when you do, lol stunning shots here Asher, you're all jived up

Every couple of days depending on work schedule :)


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No thanksgiving in England @abh12345 ? And the christmast market started already? Whooaa..it's something new to know about.
I think that man need no shaving 😁 it's winter, he's alone.. the beard will keeps him warmth😁

Feeling punny today, are you, hahaha.

OMG, the guys from the windmill have it all wrong....Don't sell German snacks under a Dutch windmill... sigh.

I don't really get the idea of putting up Christmas markets in November. But I'm not really a Christmassy kind of person. Haven't celebrated it in... 20 years or so...

Christmas vibes all the way

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