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so guys this is hassan raja ( hassanabid ) on steemit here so today i will discuss about the gaming platform named as

Ror Games

so here's my screenshot of my profile after logging in from Google account ...

so after searching too much and after trying this app by my own i have got this review for all my steemitians , as going through the app i have seen different games like

out of the list of these games one of my favorite game is color shape i have played this game before on my friends mobile but yeah its a toughest kind of game in which you need to be patient careful and should fully focus on what color you got and through that color you can score higher ...


at the starting it looks like it was pretty easy game and i would score alot and would challenge you all to try and beat me hahaha but its difficult ..


my high score lol ...

So it was intresting to test an app which has lots of games in it :)

i would recommend you all to please give it a try atleast once so you can Feel what i am feeling about this app now :)

so wanna try ?

Here is a Link

to download the app from google play store :)

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