Devotion with Adesojisouljay _ RETURNING TO THE ORIGINAL PROMISE

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Genesis 12;1-2

All the faith in the world claims Abraham to be their father, but only few of them understands the promise of God to Abraham. When God visited Abraham, God gave him a promise and that promise has nothing to do with religion neither has it any relationship with money, wealth, cars, houses, healing or holiness.

God's promise to Abraham was clearly stated when he had his visitation from God. God told Abraham, I will make you a great nation and I will bless all the families of the earth through you.

Now, it is important for us to note the terminologies ;

GREAT : This is referring to influence.

NATION : This has to do with country or a kingdom.

FAMILIES : Family is the component of a nation.

BLESS : This is the impact of the influence.

'So God promised Abraham, the whole earth in quote'

This takes me back to God's original intent which was, 'To rule the physical world from the spiritual world through man living in the physical world'

So God created man and gave man the whole earth, Genesis 1;26. Man rebelled against God in Genesis 3.

But even after the rebellion of man, God's original idea was not canceled. So psalm 115;16 'says, the heaven belongs to God, but the earth he has given to the children of men'.

So after the fall, God chose Abraham as the man through whom the promise will return back to mankind. Jesus there for is the seed of Abraham, the promise and hope of redemption for every man.

So Jesus came preaching the same thing God originally intended, and that is, the kingdom of God on earth.

We have been under the mistaken belief that after our long sojourn on earth, we will all go and live in heaven, but that is not true. Heaven was never meant to be our place of eternal or permanent residence. God created heaven for himself as a throne (palace) but the earth is the territory of man.

I hope we'll understand as we look into today's devotional.

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I am #Adesojisouljay.

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