Today's devotion is titled 'THE ANTIDOTE OF FEAR'


Happy new month to you from #Adesojisouljay, I pray your month is blessed with good fortunes and favour from our lord Jesus christ... Amen

My focus today is to help you understand how to over come fear and its end result which is death.

2 Timothy 1;6-7 reveals that the spirit God has given us is not the spirit of fear but of power, of love and of a sound mind.

That means the holy spirit which we have received is in us to eradicate fear completely.

POWER implies that we can do whatever we feel like doing.

LOVE implies that we won't abuse others even though we have all the power.

SOUND MIND implies that we are bold and courageous.

These three keys are neccessary to live an overcoming life. Putting these three together is what helps us live just as christ would have us.

I pray today's devotional opens your mind and eyes to the spiritual truths of God in Jesus name.

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I am #Adesojisouljay.

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