No Secrets Were Lost

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Eddie Jones is as smart and cunning as the best of them and he is putting pressure on the All Blacks taking attention away from his team.

Press conferences between players and coaches with the media are usually carefully thought out and that hasn't always been the case in the past. A derogatory comment or an insult slipped in can give the opponents the edge they were looking for and this has happened in the past. Those normally turn around and bite you at some point so words are chosen more carefully.
You would have to be a total idiot and moron to try out new moves when your ground is overlooked. They would expect someone to be watching and maybe rehearsed moves just for the camera crew.

Eddie Jones is the England Rugby Union Coach and today he was doing a press conference for the world media. These are normally done early in the week and may involve a few more depending on the cross fire created by the two coaches involved. he fired the first innocent salvo today saying the New Zealanders are spying on their practice sessions filming them from a building overlooking the training ground. I would say if someone was filming it is most likely a New Zealand covert operation that wasn't so covert.

I expect New Zealand to come back with an innocent answer saying that wasn't them as they are not worried about England at all. Those words will be what Jones wants to help inspire his team and try and give them some sort of extra motivation. Jones was careful to say that England were not favorites for the semi final game on Saturday saying he has told his team to relax and enjoy themselves this week. That is a massive lie right there and so far from the truth. They will be bringing new moves out and those moves will be rehearsed behind closed doors somewhere. England are not stupid and are probably the most secretive team out of everyone. The camera crew would have been spotted early on during training and nothing would have been revealed that the All Blacks don't know already.

Doesn't look like much from the outside but look what is on the inside.
Not quite a full size field ,but not far off.

At the 2015 World Cup in England the English team had a base about an hour outside of London that no one could get to. The grounds have become part of their training facility these days and obviously block book it for when they need the entire facility. This is normally a hotel and spa, but doubles up as their facility preparing for games. I wouldn't be surprised if the England Rugby union hasn't bought the entire facility now.
The players are living in the life of luxury as the hotel is a 5 star Spa as well. I doubt whether the Japan facility is as good, but the teams are being forced to move around and not have a base for the entire tournament.

The security is ideal as the drive from the road to the hotel and facility is roughly 10 minutes. There are two secure fences around the perimeter which could easily be patrolled by extra security which I am sure they have when training is happening. England are probably the one team that has a huge budget and they have facilities that other teams could only dream of. This was started by Clive Woodward who wanted the best of the best for his players in order to win the World Cup which they did in 2003.

This is why I am confident England wherever they are staying have the best facility available and with Eddie Jones being the Japanese coach at the last World Cup he will know what facilities are the best available and what will suit a teams needs. Other teams will have budget restrictions, but I don't see them holding back. Security and secret practices will happen when they are practicing their moves for Saturdays games. This won't happen on a Monday though and expect those from Thursday onwards.

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fantastic, this relaxed version of Eddie is the best version and I hope it brings out the best in us on the weekend.

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That is pretty funny that they would think they have any kind of privacy when they are in a public space like that. Like you said, it seems to be more of a stunt than anything else. I guess in a little bit we will finally know who the better team is!

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Thoroughly England havr the best facilities and also as Eddie Jones the manager of the English side they will be a very strong team to play against

that "movie theater" screen should be much larger at a luxury place. :P and the chairs don't even recline??? pffffft!

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They must of hired Bielsa