Steem Basic Income: Boon to the Steem World

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What’s Steem Basic Income (SBI)?

Well, it is a novel solution which came up with a view of ensuring some level of income for all participants of the Steem World.

It allowed absolutely anybody to buy SBI shares and pass or donate to any other person on the Steem blockchain. In doing so, the buyer and receiver both get one SBI share.

And that’s not all. The holder of the SBI share gets upvotes based on the amount of SBI shares he or she held. This holding allowed many members to earn while they posted their articles. These upvotes were valuable, especially for newbies getting no visibility.

My story was something similar. No visibility.

What was my story, you ask?

Well, here it is.


My Story Before Steem Basic Income

A peek into my profile page would let everyone know that I started my Steem journey in August 2017, but not many know that I went into a four-month hibernation as soon as I started my journey.


Because it was ludicrously tricky to get views and even more absurd to get upvotes. As a newbie, I was disheartened and left. It was just not worth the effort despite writing quality articles.

So, I was four months away and when I returned the situation more or less remained the same. But here is where I had a change of mind. For one, I was in an IT job and hence knew the importance of blockchain. So, Steem was something to gun for. But how?


Contests and Steem Basic Income

I figured out a way - contests.

Yes, contests. There were very many contests which were on then. So, all I had to do was participate and hope to win a few contests. I got on with the contests and was winning Steems but still no upvotes.

There would be few upvotes here and there, and that’s it. Not until I participated in a contest hosted by @f3nix in the @bananafish realm (check them out. They are still there and super-duper-fantabulous) did I come to know about Steem Basic Income (SBI). They used to give out SBI shares.

At first, I thought it was such a non-impressive prize, but as I started to accumulate it, wow, the world changed.

My ever deficient world of upvotes for quality articles took an upturn. There were upvotes, and there were views. Back then, SBI upvotes had some credibility. Why? Because the only ones giving out SBI shares were the ones who thought the receiver was a quality writer or contest hosts, both of which bolstered credibility. So, SBI got me upvotes and views. Cool life!

In fact, SBI still is a lucrative option for newbies. If I saw SBI upvotes on articles, I would be inclined to think that the writer is a good one. Of course, the definition of “good” may vary, but you get the general picture.


Hence SBI is a Boon

So, you see my point? SBI was good and still is good.

There would be some who would have a gripe over the SBI votes and will have a reason to argue on it. But then we can argue on many points and still not conclude. So, no point arguing, instead ask the genuine beneficiaries. And I am one of them.

Tell me – from my story, don’t you see a clear case for SBI? If it is so, then why not? Well, we need it, and I am happy that it is around.

Excellent initiative, and even if there are protests and oppositions, SBI should continue! After all, what I got, others should also get.

God Bless!

And have fun! 😊



Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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I think sbi remains a really good thing for the community... maybe the actual upvotes aren't so large, but the fact that you're basically getting upvotes for life serves as an excellent retention tool, and a way to encourage people to stay steady with their content creation.

Absolutely @denmarkguy. Just imagine you getting Steem instead of SBI, chances are that you and I would have used up the Steem in someway.

But because it is SBI it stays in your ownership and the upvotes keep flowing whenever you post.

Also, if you have enough SBI shares the upvotes also increase. So, I don't mind accumulating them.

Steem basic income gave my friends and I hope when we were starting out. Whenever we accumulated a couple of Steem we bought SBI and gifted it to each other in hopes that when the Steem price increased we would all have some income from our investments. I continue to give it away to my friends and contest winners because I remain hopeful that the price will go up and they all will receive some nice votes when it does! It's my way of showing appreciation to the folks who have stuck around when Steem was pretty worthless!

That's perfect! That's what the SBI was envisaged to be. Then some numb brains came across to rewrite the theme and feel important. 😊

I don't let bullies tell me how to Steem! Let them do Steem their way and I will do it my way! Too bad they feel like they can dictate how others use Steem. I do feel rather sorry for them.

True that. Interesting that people think that the world should rotate the way they want. :)

The problem with these people is that they would be "nobodys" in the outside world and hence they have this urge to make their presence felt somewhere. Where else than behind the invisible world of the computer and virtual world! :)

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I am fine with this virus than virulent people... So, I will keep it. Thanks!

And nice meeting you!