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The slothful hideth his hand in his bosom; it grieveth him to bring it again to his mouth. Vs. 15

One of the forces capable of tying a man's hands is poverty.

In 1 Kings 17:10-12, when the man of God came to the widow of Zarephath, and requested for food, she told him, she would have loved to spend lavishly on him but her hands were tied.

Poverty keeps its victim as servant of those that have already escaped from its prison. You shall escape from the prison house of poverty in Jesus name. Everything tying hands shall be removed today in Jesus name .

Another thing that can bind a man's hands is sickness. The sick lacks physical energy and vitality to undertake basic assignments.

In Matthew 8:14-15, Jesus paid a visit to Peter and met his mother-in-law bed ridden, she knew she was supposed to entertain her guest and she desired to do so too but she could not get up from bed until Jesus healed her. Immediately she was healed, she ministered to the Lord.

Some people are not in excellent state of health and this is seriously affecting their secular and ministerial performance. They are willing but the hands of their well being are tied.

There is no way you can fulfill your destiny if your health is tied. Some have died out of ill-health without completing their assignment and it shall not be our portion this year in Jesus name.

When your hands are tied, it is difficult for you to make use of your hands to do something. When your hands are tied, you have limited time to fulfill your potentials in every facet of life.

This new year, we are expected to manifest our dominion and we are not expected to do that when our hands are tied by sickness, poverty, negative thoughts and the cares of life.

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