Soldiers of Christ ought to be ready always.

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Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Ephesians 6:10

As Christian we must be conscious of the fact that there are battles in life which we must fight and prevail. Hence, I won't owe apology to anyone to say that any Christian who does not face battles from the kingdom of darkness is either considered irrelevant or a relic.


As long as you remain relevant, there will be battles to fight. So, if the devil no longer fights you, if he no longer tries to discourage you, it is not time to rejoice; it is time to check and see if you are still relevant in the kingdom of God. The Bible did not record that any of the first seven sons of Jesse who were not chosen to be kings ever had to fight lions and bears.

Furthermore, when Paul was still in the cause of persecuting Christians, he never had to run for his life or get stopped by anyone because he got the backing from the kingdom of darkness, however, the day he gave his life to Christ and became an evangelist, he faced battles everywhere he turned to that he was once stoned and was thought to have been dead but somehow he escaped.

I could go further to state emphatically that what Paul pass through as a follower of Christ, other disciples who were with Jesus Christ did not even have a 50% feel of it. Paul went through hail and lot of troubles that would have warranted him to change his faith or backside to the world, but he didn't

Today, you would see Christians who easily give up hope in the face of trail, some forget about the name of God and even blaspheme the name of God when there are faced with trails and tribulations. The one that saddens me most is when you get to see a Christian say that he is no more gonna go to that church because the church doesn't care for him.

The day you stop taking examination is the day you stop getting certifications and promotions. While Goliath was bragging, even though everyone was still calling Saul the king, he had become a relic.

You will become a relic when you stop being battle-ready at all times. Those who are still making waves and troubling the kingdom of Satan must expect the enemy to fight back. In science, we learnt that for every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, the bigger the waves you are making, the bigger the reaction of the enemy, so you need to be battle ready at all times.

To be battle ready means that you have the armor of God on at all times. This means that you must live a righteous life (the breastplate of righteousness), your salvation must be intact (the helmet of salvation), your faith must be strong (the shield of faith), you must always meditate on and memorize the word of God (the sword of the spirit), you must grid your loins with the word of God (the belt of truth), and preach the gospel everywhere you go (the sandals of the gospel). Praying without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:7) must be your lifestyle.


Stay strong and fight the good fight the good fight of faith.

God bless you richly in Jesus name, amen.

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The joy of the Christian is always to delight in God in the face of life's challenges whatever the situation.
@ ricci01

The joy of the Christian is always to delight in God in the face of life's challenges whatever the situation.

What an ironical thought, perhaps this is what informed Jesus' decision to sleep off while Peter was struggling with human might to calm the storms. Of a truth, Christians always need to fall back and give credence to God as the only one that can and would rescue us from the face of trouble. Thank you very much for stopping by and for your insightful submissions. Blessings from Nigeria.
I am @voclab

I didn't like it, I loved your post.
A single and wise truth, you better could not explain it, you must be firm and prepared at all times to defend our place in the kingdom of heaven, and always say God is in control.

Thank you very much dear for stopping by to read. I am encouraged by your comments. Indeed, we have to keep our faith and fight to win souls for Christ. God bless you.