Tenth commandment: You will not covet the property of others

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My dear brothers, once again I want to write about the commandments, I refer here to the tenth:

"You will not covet your neighbor's house, nor will you desire his wife, nor his servant, nor his servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything of his own" (Ex. 20, 17).


Certainly, this commandment prohibits envy and murmurs. Not only can you do evil to people, but even have sinful and envious thoughts against them.

Any sin begins with the thought, with the thought of something. A person begins to envy the property and money of others, then an idea arises in his heart to steal this good from his brother, and soon turns sinful dreams into actions.

The envy of the wealth, talents and health of others kills in us the love for them, envy as acid corrodes the soul. It is difficult for an envious person to communicate with others. He is pleased with the sadness, the sorrow that afflicted those he envied.

That is why the sin of envy is so dangerous: it is the seed of other sins. An envious man also sins against God, he does not want to be content with what the Lord sends him, blames his neighbors and God for all his problems. Such a person will never be happy and happy with life, because happiness does not depend on earthly goods, but on the state of the person's soul.

The kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21).

Start here on earth with the correct spiritual order of man. The ability to see the gifts of God in each day of life, value them and thank God is the key to human happiness.

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Envy is a fruit of someone's flesh devoid of the grace of God and is an evil that destroys those who suffer from it, for this reason you have to be very careful with this attitude which does not come from the spirit or from God.