Concerto in B minor (3rd movement) - Johann Gottfried Walther | Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 57

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This is my entry for the Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 57.

I'm playing Johann Gottfried Walther's 3rd movement from his Concerto in B minor. A few weeks ago, I presented the 1st movement from this concerto at my local church. The middle movement is an Adagio and very beautiful—though it probably isn't as suitable for a contest piece. Although "what sounded the most interesting and best performed to you" is quite subjective, I think presenting the final Allegro movement is much more enjoyable to the masses!

The sheet music is available on IMSLP if you'd like to follow along whilst listening.

This was recorded on the Henry Willis organ in Salisbury Cathedral (England), using the Hauptwerk VPO software.


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I wish I could like this more times. I've listened four times now, and I have convinced myself I need to learn this piece. And get an organ at home. With Hauptwerk. Great playing!

Thanks Jeremy! It's a great piece and there's many more from the collection. I've recorded it all but I distribute it to my Patrons first. !ENGAGE 20

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I need to midify our home organ which would make it ready for Hauptwerk...


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Seems to me like you were having much fun playing this Concerto! !organduo 500

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