January 11, 2020--Practice Blog


Last weekend of productivity around the house before the school year starts. Installed two bathroom vanities over this week. More effort than I thought, but they are installed and working.

The day began with some chanter practice before running across town to get an hour of organ practice. I had a bagpipe lesson at 10:30, and then did some errands around town. Came home and took one of the old vanities to a goodwill store to hopefully be resold. Stopped by the home improvement store for some supplies and came home. Installed the second vanity (see above) in about half the time, although the plumbing was a little weird. It got done. Took the second old vanity to the goodwill store and again stopped by the home improvement store to pick up some hose for the water line. Installed that in the first vanity--and now both bathrooms are 99% usable again (need to let some sealant dry). I got about two hours of piano practice in before going to a Shrine installation party for the singing group. And now we are home. Long day, tomorrow will be long as well.

On the organ, I was able to spend some time registering the Buxtehude Prelude, Fugue, and Chaconne in C major. The last time I played it, it was a constant build from the fugue on to the end. This time, I am trying to create more nuanced registrations throughout, occasionally pulling back to smaller flutes and even a solo reed at one point. I am taking the cue from a recording I have on a mean-tone tuned instrument in the Netherlands. I really like that recording. I also worked on BWV 613. I think I have it almost up to speed. I finished my practice with work on Mulet's Carillon Sortie.

On the piano, I mostly ran through the pieces I am playing on a recital tomorrow at 3/4 speed. I also worked on memory work for the Fugue in Beethoven's Op. 101. There are two pages that are just eluding me. I finally spent time on the second movement of Op. 101, trying to solidify the memory work from yesterday.

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