January 16, 2020--Practice Blog

Day 16

Good day. I had a chiropractic appointment first thing in the morning. New doctor, so he isn't used to my tension right before he tries to break my neck. I'll get him used to it. Went to school and printed out some poetry for a Robert Burns' night event, printed some programs, and some "Quiet please" signs. Gave a 1/2 hour recital of organ music at noon. It was a preview of a recital I am giving on Sunday. Buxtehude Prelude, Fugue, and Chaconne in C major, Guilmant Op. 39 no. 2 and 3, Bach BWV 613, 14, and 15, and Mulet's Carillon Sortie. Went fairly well, but barely attended (may 10 people there). I then did some errands around town and went for sushi for lunch. Made it back to work to prepare classes for tomorrow and practice a little piano. Choir rehearsal from 5 to 6, and then home to spend time with the best wife ever.

Played a recital on the organ, so didn't "practice" much outside of running pieces briefly. ON the piano, I worked on choir accompaniment pieces and the final movement of Beethoven's Op. 10 No. 2.

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Chiropractics aren't doctors but pseudoscientists.

Well...the guy I go see has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Technically he has the right to be called a doctor, much like I do as I have a Doctor or Musical Arts degree. I will go on calling him a doctor if that is alright with you.

You are free to say whatever you wanted, of course. But that person won't be a doctor, as long as chiropractice is not a science.

Your degree doesn't try to force people in believing there is a scientific method.

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