January 22, 2020--Practice Blog

My work declared a "snow day", so I got to lounge around for a while today. I did go into work at 10 am and offered to teach a class to a student who lived on campus, but they did not receive my offer until after the time. I worked on transcribing fingering for the Secrets of Organ Playing, and watched part of the impeachment hearings. I then went and got two hours of organ practice in. Afterwards, I filled out a survey and went home. Spent the rest of the day enjoying myself. Now cooking dinner and will watch some tv before bed.

On the organ, I practice a plethora of pieces. I worked on the fingering of BWV 616 and 617 from organduo website. I also am working on the Prelude and Fugue on a theme of Victoria by Benjamin Britton. I continued to work on the Hindemith second sonata and the Vierne Finale from the first symphony.

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