January 9, 2020--Practice Blog

A day on the town in Omaha with the wife. The day began early as we needed to drive an hour and a half to meet with my organ coach by 8 am. Lot of coffee was consumed. I had a good lesson, and received some pretty important advice. Afterwards, my wife and I went to breakfast and spent the day shopping. I got a new winter coat that, while my current coat is wonderful, will be even warmer. We also bought some knickknacks for practical purposes around the house. For lunch, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant that I can't recommend enough. If you are in Omaha, Nebraska, in the US--go to Saigan Restaurant. Amazing food. I got a Vermicelli bowl with grilled meatballs. We got back into Sioux City by about 5 pm. Dogs were nervous, but happy to see us. Did some work around the house including laundry, ironing, and putting up a new spice rack. Practiced bagpipe chanter a little bit. It was a good day, but tomorrow we get back to the grind of everyday life. It felt good to have a day off.

On the organ, I played through most of the repertoire I am currently working on for my organ coach: Bach BWV 613, 614, 615, and 636 (at a slow tempo); Boehm Prelude and fugue in D minor (under tempo); Hindemith Second Sonata first movement (under tempo); and Mulet Carillon Sortie (at tempo). His advice I will try to incorporate into tomorrow's practice.

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