May 12, 2020--Practice Blog in the time of the virus

Day kind of slipped by on me. It began with watching the news and eating some Banana Bread my wife had made. Spent time working on transcribing fingering for Secrets of Organ Playing, and then spent time at the piano. Around 2, I finally got out of pajamas and went to the other side of town to practice organ for two hours. Came home to anxious dogs, and practiced piano for a while longer before making dinner. My wife came home at 6:30, and we watched several episodes of Clone Wars before getting ready for bed.

On the piano, I worked on memorizing 3 Songs Without Words by Mendelssohn and a couple of Schumann pieces. Also, worked on the Prelude and Fugues in C major and Minor from Bach's WTC Book 1 at half tempo. Trying to memorize.

On the organ, I worked on the Premier Kyrie from the Mass of the Convents by Couperin and recorded it (see above). I also worked on the Mini-improvisation course from the Secrets of Organ Playing. I worked on BWV 630 and tried to record it, but it needs a couple more days to keep it at tempo. Started BWV 631. Practiced Callohan's Prelude on Land of Rest for the prelude this Sunday (I will try to record it later this week) and finished with work on the fugue of BWV 53s

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