May 14, 2020--Practice blog in the time of the virus

A post a day again, hopefully. The day began with work on the fingering for Secrets of Organ Playing (five pages left) and practiced piano. Had a panicked moment this afternoon as I couldn't find my keys to the church where I had a lesson to teach. Turns out I locked them in the church. Luckily, one of the youth ministers was there and I could get in to teach my lesson and practice organ. Currently roasting a chicken and waiting for my wife to make her amazing (!) mashed potatoes.

On the piano, I worked on an accompaniment for Handel's Lusinghe piu care from Allesandro (I think...). It is a handful.

On the organ, I worked on BWV 631, BWV 536, and learned the neat little Fischer Prelude and Fugue. Also, finally got back to practicing the Hindemith Second Sonata, first movement.

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