Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 55 J.S. Bach's Helft mir Gotts Gute Preisen BWV 613

Here is the recording I of the last of the New Years Preludes from the Orgelbuchlein of Bach (the other two I posted in earlier contest weeks). This is probably the most straightforward of the preludes, with the Chorale tune being played in long held notes in the soprano part while the lower three voices play an imitative contrapuntal texture based on the opening four or five pitches of the chorale.

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Good articulation and choice of piece this week.


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Ha! That is interesting because my teacher keeps trying to find a decent pedal reed on this organ. I finally coupled the Oboe 8' on the swell manual with the pedals and closed the swell box. The result was that sound.

Oh yes, this is much better now.

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