Secrets of Organ Playing Contest--Week 57 Herr Gott, Nun Schleuss Den Himmel Auf from Orgelbuchlein BWV 617 by J.S. Bach

This is my entry for the Secrets of Organ Playing contest for Week 57. It is another of the Orgelbuchlein Preludes, a project I talked myself into and now starting to get a little nervous about. Learning the whole collection this year. So far, I have done BWV 613-617 for church services this year. Working on each for a couple weeks. This is still a little rough, but I don't have anymore time to work on it this week. Planning 618 for next week.

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This is my favorite of the whole series. Seems a bit daunting so I've always shied away from trying to play it myself. Perhaps sometime in the future I'll try anyway.
Chapeau for the ambition to learn them all in one year! And for this performance of course.


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Your jacket is fitting to the word of the week! Did I miss BWV 615?

It was recorded back as week 40.

Oh! Thank you very much! Enjoying your little project to record complete works of Bach!

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