Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 59 submission--Christe, du Lamm Gottes

Continuing my path for the past four or five weeks, I have recorded the next work in Bach's Orgelbuchlein. This is one of the shortest I have encountered so far. Based on the tune Christe du Lamm Gottes, the chorale is treated as a canon at the 12th in the manuals. Meanwhile, a descending figure is used to accompany it throughout, although it later inverts near the end. I get the impression of falling stars or leaves as I listened to this one. I am recording this at the chapel on the campus I work at. That whistling sound is 1) the bellows of the organ and 2) it is really windy today.

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Nice hat! Lovely chorale as well. I played this recently too (not in the contest though).

Friday and it's valentines day. Thought I'd go all out.
The plan is to work on the entire Orgelbuchlein. So far, not too bad. I haven't looked ahead though.

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!giphy turkish+hat I'm trying to catch the meaning of the hat symbolism in this chorale prelude...

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Nice work!