Reverie (Juozas Naujalis) for organ duet

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Juozas Naujalis (1869-1934 in Kaunas) was a Lithuanian composer, organist and choir conductor. He is acclaimed as Lithuanian music patriarch. Naujalis studied Warsaw Institute of Music and in Regensburg. In 1898, he founded the Lithuanian Society of Singers Daina and was one of the founder of St. Gregor's Society of Lithuanian Organists in Kaunas. He was excellent Master and Rector of his founded School of Organists (1913) and Music School (1919) in Kaunas. Was the conductor of the Cathedral Choir in Kaunas and from 1933 was the professor and Conductor of Organ Music in the Conservatory of Kaunas. Composed masses, motets, organ works and music for choir, symphonic poem The Autumn. Reverie was originally composed for string quartet in 1922. More informatinon:


We're playing this piece using Freisach sample set by Piotr Grabowski of Hauptwerk VPO. If you like our music making, you can support us on Patreon and get free organ CD's at


Our Hauptwerk setup:

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