Since I'm the one making up rules here, parallel 5ths work for me

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After I returned home from my long walk in the afternoon, yesterday I decided to compose my 4th movement from Organ ABC cycle. This piece starts from letter D and is called Dulcian. This is a low sounding organ stop, which reminds a little bit of a bassoon. Their pitch level is at 16' which means it sounds one octave lower than written in the score.

I already had improvised this piece before in my church. The piece is in E minor with one sharp next to the clef. The pedals play on the Dulcian stop while the hand part is played by Flutes 8' and 4'. In this video my hands and feet are clearly visible and I thought I could transcribe it to the score notation using Sibelius software.

Wrong! It was easier for me to create it from scratch which I did by improvising the hand part separately first into Sibelius and then the pedal part. The hand part is created almost entirely out of parallel 5ths (which are forbidden in tonal music). But since I'm the one making up rules here it works for me. Then I did some cleaning up and the score looked nice:


I dedicated it to @iwant2believe for participating week after week in our Secrets of Organ Playing contest and sent it to her. I hope she will find some use for it.

Then I printed out the score and sat on my home organ bench and played it part by part (left hand alone, right hand alone and pedals alone) I wanted to finish the recording with all parts together but @laputis came back from school and I wrapped up the improvised ending and smiled at the end (not sure if you noticed that). I held the camera above the keyboards so that @drugelis could transcribe me fingering and pedaling into the score.

Now the 5th movement from Organ ABC will start from letter E. Any ideas about a specific organ stop or mechanical part which starts from E? I could only think of Echo. It's a specific division on some organs which is designed to create an echo effect in performance.

Vidas and Ausra 2 MP 2.jpg

Check out my Secrets of Organ Playing books:

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Excellent endeavor! I love those parallel fifths, and the crunchy notes you've thrown in there too. Cool melody. I'm just starting to learn to play the piano, and can not imagine how one puts a third line in! Two lines are more than enough!
There's no way to have missed your smile.
The first video would not play for me.

I hope to transcribe it soon. I'm just interested, will you dedicate pieces of organ ABC for all participants of your contest?

Does is have to be a stop name or such? With E I can think of other musisc related terms like elegy or energico. Or eroico, or eleganza, or energico.
Or musical forms like, Etude, Encore, Entree.
If it has to be organ related I can think of Enclosure, Ear, Erzähler, En Chamada, English Horn (Cor Anglais).

Or a combination like Entree Energica En chamada, or...

Thanks! Yes, I think organ related term would work best here.

I love it! Open fifths are vety much a Hermann Schroeder thing and i love his music!! I am excited to record, but my interpretation will have to wait until after jan 1. I am sooooo thrilled you dedicated this piece to me!!!! 😊👍😊👍🎹🎶❤

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I'm thrilled that you thrilled!

@organduo, It's always reflect as you talk about the detailed Calculations Of Music 🎶. Stay blessed.

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