Bye bye Bangkok and Steemfest!!

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As the rest of the Steemfest folks are still sleeping off their hangovers from 'a night of Steem' yesterday by the river, me and the mister made a Houdini move and decided to leave Bangkok today already to enjoy a bit more of all the fine things that Thailand has to offer. So Steemfest 4 2019 edition has ended for us!


Writing from a minivan from my phone (which surely isn't the most optimal location to do anything off) it is a good time for a miniature reflection on what I saw and heardheardlast couple of days. Even though I was in time for the talks this year I still managed to miss an awefull lot of them. Main reason on day 1: the people talking in the back which was often overpowering the speaker (And apart from that it is f*cking rude) and on the second day some lazyness kicking in which also made me decide to leave Bangkok already today. Well no worries, I will surely look back the livestreams when I am in a situation with more time in there.

So why even go to Steemfest itself if you are missing most of the talks in there? Well for the talks around it ofcourse! Talks about economics, life, business, crypto, DAOs and our beloved Steem ofcourse. We are a lot of people with different backgrounds but all with a common interest. We dare to think beyond the current situation and are open to a new way of economic thinking. And those types of discussions, you dont have those at the coffee machine at your regular job.

The mister was asking me what the incentive for a lot of people was to go to Steemfest if you aren't a heavily invested person and the answer that I can think of is the community. And that is exactly what the Steem team was talking about (and which I have missed) in the presentations on how they will move forward. A good thing or not?

I don't know! For now I like it that I get to take a peek in every community, I am not sure how this will evolve later on. But that is a wait and see. Communities! That is how it will be and what will be the future. Let us see what happens!

In a few hours I will be arriving to my palmtree and a view . For now it is all that I will need for the next week. Other stuff is for later when reality is back. Enjoy the rest of it guys!

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Great to see you both and thanks for making me not the only one to bunk the leaving drinks.

Also in a minivan, lots of palm trees, all very chillled.

Have a great rest of the hols! Hopefully Steem will be a little for useful in paying for SF5.

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Hehehe yeah hopefully stuff will pay some bills then! But yeah..palmtrees!! Damn I need to make some business from here as well, open the laptop, enjoy some food and dump mezelf in the sea again (revises lifegoals again)

Was really good seeing again dude!!!

I do not know either, @karinxxl. But I feel more positive now. So glad to meet you and have fun for the rest of the trip :)

@tipu curate

It gives new vibes right! Refreshing ones! Great meeting you and sorry for just the superduper short convo !!! That could have been longer! Next time!!

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OH MY!!! I don't think I have met you yet??! Where were you??? have we talked at all? Cryyyy

Crap we did miss us meeting. What went wrong here!!!!

Nooooooo moves ass back to bangkok

Is it over yet or did you just leave early? Watched one video today about communities. When do they expect to roll em out? X

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Tonight is still the closing dinner but I decided I needed some more beach time :D

Well so..I misser the communities talk do I have to check thsg back next week for sure on what it really will be!

Ah, you gotta have some beach time!!! I mean, come on! Where did you go? And when are you back home?

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I totally forgot steemfest? How... I could have had a Dutch stream steemfest event for the non go-ers the home stayers.. ahhh idea... I will work that out if it's possible. 😃

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Sad that I missed this one but I’ll be back for SF5. Hope you guys had an amazing time.

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