My Entry to Shadow Photo Contest - Music Shadows

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I hope I am not late with this music shadow contest.

As I am on travel these past few days, this shadow contest have been in my mind but didn't have the time to take a shot and make a post about this.

This is a shadow of our guitar sitting in our room.

Hopefully, hopefully I still have time.


This is an entry to #ShadowPhoto Contest Round 80 - Music Shadows, hosted by a dear friend @melinda010100.

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Good luck sayo. Guitar mo?

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Sa husband ko. Di ako marunong. Pero ang mga kapatid ko magagaling. Hehehe. Hindi ako naambunan ng talent eh. Tsk!

Ah hehe ako din walang alam na instrument. Makapagtry nga

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Hahaha! I'm not alone. 😜

Alam ko basic lang 😁😁

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At least meron kayong konting alam.. 😊 Ako zero talaga. Hehehe.

Umpisahan na matuto hehe

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Hahaha.. Pwede. Kailangan rin kasi ng malaking time kaya nakakatamad. 😢

You still had 2 hours left when you posted and are officially entered! Great shadow shot! Glad you made it in time! 😊

Hahaha! 😂 I'm soooo glad I made it. Hahaha! 😂😂

Thanks Mel.

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