My Entry to Shadow Photo Contest - Playground Shadow

in shadowphoto •  11 months ago 


A playground would never come to life without kids using it. So my playground shadow of a swing for this week's #shadowphoto has my little one on it.



He had the time of his life when he was on this swing. We were here for almost an hour, I think, trying every position he can think of--sitting, standing, and some moves in between. And I had fun taking pictures, thinking that I may use this sometime in the future. I have never thought that that "sometime" would come along pretty soon.


This is an entry to #ShadowPhoto Contest Round 81 - Playground Shadows, created by a dear friend @melinda010100, and will be hosted by @nelinoeva this week. Thank you so much for this fun theme.

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How cute! I love that happy face! And that great line of swinging shadows! So glad you had these photos... Perfect for this weeks theme. Thanks for entering!

Thank you.

I'm glad I kept these, because I was wondering if there have been playground shadow theme before. Hahaha! What a coincidence. 😊

You and @nelinoeva were thinking alike!

Haha! Yes. Thanks @nelinoeva. 😊

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Thank you @esteemapp. 😊 And for the @esteem as well, and @good-karma. 😍

Nice photography your little kid and playground shadow too.

Thank you. It's always fun to photograph kids who are happy in what they do.. 😊😂

That is so nice to see your sun enjoying the swing and what a happy little chap he is! Lovely shadow photo!
And yes, we think alike as @melinda010100 said. 😀 I used to make photos in advance. You never know how soon you can use them. 😀

Oh yes, it's better if you already have a picture handy than to look around trying to capture what you need to capture. 😢 It may frustrate you at times, especially if the weather does not cooperate. Hahaha! 😂 Anyhow, thank you for coming up a fun theme for this week. 😊