ROUND 84 WINNERS-Beverage Shadows!

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All of the entries this week were so good that @annephilbrick had a difficult time narrowing it down to just 5 winners!

Thanks to @annephilbrick for giving us the contest theme and doing the judging. If you have any contest ideas be sure and left me know.

Here are this week's winners.











This week's Shadow Contest is Walkway Shadows

Go here to enter

Shadow Photo Contest--Round 85- walkway Shadows

banners by @shasta

Street Letter signature by @otage

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I must say I like the colored light spectral photos the best... but that's just me.

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I like colorful photos, too!

Congratulations 🎉 to all the really awesome beverage shadow winners!!
Thank you very much ❤ @annephilbrick! 💕 @melinda010100! :-)

Congrats to you and let me know ANY time you want to host! 😀

Congratulations to the winners, I want to participate next time.

Hope you join in for Walkway Shadows!

Admiro mucho los reflejos o sombras de las cosas,personas y animales,muy bonita su seleccion,saludos melinda010100

¡Estoy feliz de que hayas disfrutado viéndolos!

Beautiful collection of Beverage Shadows

All of the entries this week were great! I wish I could give out more prizes!

Many thanks for choosing my entry as one of the winners... Congrats to all winners! Thank you Melissa dear for the prize.

Congrats to you! And thanks for supporting the contest!

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Thanks so much!

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Check my new contest and the winner of last week.
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Again, Thanks, Pix!

Wow! Thanks 🙏 a lot for the 1st Place! ;-)

Congrats and thanks for supporting the contest!

They are all great photos, congrats to all.

Thanks, luv! How are you? Your posts make it sound like you are recovering nicely!

Thank you guest judge @annephilbrick great job and great theme and thank you @melinda010100 for providing this fun contest 👍

Congrats, and thanks for making your entry such fun!

Congratulations to the winners, well deserved awards!

Thanks for the support, and do let me know anytime you want to host again!

I could be a host anytime. I am scratching my head right now what new theme to think about.

Just say whenever you have ideas! It doesn't have to be a completely new theme, we can redo the ones that we haven't done in a while.

I do not recall if we have statue shadows. How about that?

I think that would be great! Maybe sculpture shadows?

Yes, sculpture shadows 😀
I have some photos. Let me find them and I will send you on discord.

Congratulations to all the winners of the drinks shadows !! I feel very happy to be part of the winners! ... really, it is worth participating in this wonderful contest sponsored by my dear Melinda

I'm so glad you are having fun shadow hunting!

Oh these are really cool, well done everyone!

Thanks for all your support, my friend!

My pleasure. You're awesome.

😘 Thanks, luv!