Round 86 Winners- Bug Shadows

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There is a surprise extra prize this week!

@whatisnew generously added to the prizes being given out! Thanks so much for helping support the Shadow Contest!

"It was so hard to choose my favorites so I gave out 10-SBI for the following in no particular order:
@bambuka, @deerjay, @annephilbrick, @nelinoeva, @zoricatech, @gingbabida, @goat-girlz, @sketch.and.jam, @ninahaskin, @hangin."

Thanks @whatisnew!

Here are @shasta's winners choices.











This week's Shadow Contest is Cooking Shadows hosted by @annephilbrick

Go here to enter

Shadow Photo Contest--Round 87-Cooking Shadows

banners by @shasta

Street Letter signature by @otage

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Thanks :-)

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Thanks so much for entering and supporting the contest!

I'm all grown up but still scared of bugs.

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That's too bad. So many of them are very beautiful!

My pleasure @melinda010100 :-)
Thank you so much for the contest and mention of my work!
Have a great weekend !

Congrats to you! I enjoy your photography!

My pleasure @melinda010100 :-)

Thanks so much to @melinda010100, @shasta and @whatisnew!! Congratulations to everyone and great bunch of bug shadows! 😀

Congrats to you!

Thank you @melinda010100, @whatisnew and @shasta! 😀
Congartulations to the other winners!

Congrats to you! Thanks for being such a great Shadow Contest supporter!

Thank You..!!
😊@melinda010100 😊 @shasta 😊@whatisnew !!
Congratulations to all the other winners..!!
Excellent round of fantastic bugs shadows...🕷🐜🦗 !

Thanks for all you do to keep the Shadow Contest running smoothly!


Hope you were OK with the collage I made with your photos. It was a last minute decision, or I would have asked first. 😁

I'm totally fine with the collage..!
I actually chuckled when I saw it.
I thought that's one way to do it when you can't decide on which photo to choose..😀..😊.

It is a dilemma when you give me so many great photos! 😉


Great winners gallery! Congratulations to the winners and all the participants.
Thanks Again, @melinda010100, @whatisnew and @shasta!
Thank you for the mention! :) Really appreciated.

Thanks for your wonderful entry and for all of your support, Zori!

My pleasure! I'm glad you enjoyed it, @melinda010100.

Doe !! I missed this one :(
Congrats to all the winners.

Hope to see an entry from you this week for Cooking Shadows!

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 4 of my contest just started...check it out!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory

Thanks, Pix!

Congratulations 🎉 to all the beautiful bug shadow winners!!
They were all so fantastic it was hard to pick five out of them
all! Thank you to everyone who entered, much thanks to
@melinda010100 💕 @whatisnew! :-)

Thank you for giving your time, once again, and your wonderful photos to this week's contest! I purchased 2 sbi shares for you. Thanks so much!

It's a honor and pleasure! Wow thank you so much ❤ @melinda010100! :-)

Congrats to all the winners a great show 👍

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Congratulations to all the winners of these amazing shadows

To all the winners of these
Amazing shadows

                 - marcybetancourt

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks, Marcy! Hope to see some cooking shadows from you this week!

Yay! Thanks so much for the prize @melinda and @shasta! : ) I had a blast looking at all of the amazing bug shadows. : )

Great job as usual, very interesting!

Some good bug hunters here!

We do have alot of bug hunters on steemit, I'm not sure if that's good or bad! lol.