Steam Cleaning My Floors Brings Me Calm

One of the benefits of sheltering in place, is the benefit of time.

I have enough time to sleep, and I have enough time to watch my kids do their chores.

You want to clean up your toy box one lego at a time?

Go for it. I will sit here with my size 5 crochet hook making giant yarn to use with my size 25 crochet hook (that baby is SWEET).

The kid wants to bake and is taking a long time to crack the eggs?

We got time baby, I will just stand there and fill you with love and light.

Kid doesn't want to take a shower?

No big deal, no electronics (including the tv) until you do take a shower, and, if it takes you 12 hours, well, that's how long it took.

I also have enough time to steam clean my floors, the "right" way.

Bild von mohamed Hassan auf Pixabay

Steam cleaning is awesome and amazing, but, if you are going to clean with only steam, you have to take your time. Quickly passing the steamer through your floors, may pick up some grime, but it is not disinfecting it.

According to the manual, you need to pass the same spot over for at least 10 seconds.

Guess who has time to spend 10 seconds on cleaning the floor section by section? Stretching her hips as she does it, releasing tension and ppain?

This mama.

And she is LOVING it.

What goes through my mind while I steam clean?

WWIT exercises,

WWIT for my home to be happy and healthy?
WWIT to create an environment my children want to spend time in?
WWIT for these habits we are building to stick?
WWIT for always being able to demand that people take their shoes off at the door without worrying about their socks going black?
WWIT for my home to be filled with love and light.

The floors are steamed. The house is clean. Tomorrow morning, I will wake up when the air is still cool and crisp - before the pesky neighbors start filling it with smoke and smells of bacon, and I will air out my home, and probably even smudge it.


Life is good. Life is good.

Now it is time to play Risk with my 5 year old son. He is learning how to trash talk while he conquers worlds. My cleaning may be zen, but being able to trash talk while playing board games is an absolutely necessary quality that we must nurture.

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I still don’t have enough time 😀 remember to use sandiego as a Tag for getting Sand 🤪

It is cause I turned off my "to-do" list and replaced it with one thing... have patience for my children and make this shelter in place as enjoyable as possible.

It seems that they don't care, but they walk on mama's floors more happily when they are cleaned.

I didn't think to use sandiego, as it is not San Diego specific... but I guess it is about shelter in place life here.

Thanks for taking the time to read.