Showcase Sunday: Riding The Burning Horse

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Showcase Sunday! A time for posts we are particularly fond of, that perhaps deserve another airing doon the steemie.

In the light of the ending of the bear market approaching... I mean, it's nearly the end of the year and it's always next year that everything is going to moon, so not long at all ;0)

I thought it would be valuable then, to submit this one. It gives valuable insight on how to capture that vital moment the market swings.

And I couldn't resist the artwork getting a fresh airing. Me! On a burning horse!!! So let's get to it...

Here we are once again with the series on Crypto Trading that promises to make YOU, a humble nobody, a worthless piece of himjiminy, a King of the crypto sea. An actual something that's worth something.

I know, you are thinking, how can I, a worthless piece of shit achieve anything?

Well that's what I am here for. Consider me your sensei. So let's kick back and learn how to become...


But to become a King of anything especially a King of Crypto you must first learn to read patterns.

Oh I know, I hear you groan. Trading Analysis is bullshit.

I hear you sister-brother-man. It is. Sheer bullshit on a grand scale. That is why I promise not to teach you Trading Analysis such as anything you have ever seen but Trading Analysis that actually works™.


Yes, it's true.

It's a secret that is known only to a select few. Those of us who have really saw the dark and bleeding heart of the market.

Are you ready?

We will start with one of the most important signs of all. One that will guarantee* your fortune.
*not guarantee


But what the hell is that!? I hear you scream in frenzied adoration?

It's the sign that categorically shows you when the market is turning from bear to bull. The one and only sign that shows you when it is time to throw caution to the wind and BUY BUY BUY!!

But that's not all ladies and gentlemen.

I am going to show you the greatest technique of all once you identify THE BURNING HORSE...

After all, what point is there in recognising when the market finally becomes a BURNING HORSE if you don't do anything with that knowledge?

And that is what I am going to show you.


I will show you how to...


I cannot say anymore than that.

A burning horse pattern will typically look like this


The more experienced among you may know this pattern as the Yousuf's Folly. That however, is a story for another day.

If you see a chart that looks EXACTLY like this one, you are seeing THE BURNING HORSE.

My advice?


GO OUT AND BUY THE COINS SITTING at positions 1 3. 5 and 8 on Coin Market Cap with ALL of your money. That's right, ALL OF IT.

You might be wondering... Why these coins?


Now, ignore dips in the value of your coins after your purchase. Even if these go on for many years. That is the horse trying to buck you out of its saddle

If anyone challenges you and your new found Crypto Kinghood.

Tell them straight.

It's HOLISTIC baby.

It really is that simple.

You're welcome.

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Oh yes of course, even the burning horse shows we will be all good any day now! You see it is simply a vast conspiracy of the market to shake out the "weak hands". Why us folk that have been smart enough to hold through the drop to nearly zero will surely emerge like the phoenix from the flame. Oh just think of the joy we will feel knowing we were RIGHT all along! lol

Oh lol!! The weak hands!!! Don't you just love it!

Almost s much s we will all love it eventual ascent to the heavens when crypto comes good again!!

As it was foretold.. :0D

Ha ha, gotta love the showcase Sunday. I'm a big Sunday zombie post loving mofo too 😂

Now, ignore dips in the value of your coins after your purchase. Even if these go on for many years. That is the horse trying to buck you out of its saddle.

This made me laugh as I've managed to ride that bucking bronco some have been winners... Others less so. All of my 840 COB have depreciated to the point where a once $1 token is now worth $0.0004.

I'm true king of the 💩 coins having held cobbinhood coin 😂

Several of nine were deleted from bittrex they became so untraded. I never saw that one coming when the cry of HODL was being shouted. It's things like that that makes me think the clever crypto whales are at it and pushing the HODL nonsense do that opens buy coins and sir on them whilst they cash out!!

I am going to make it my mission to work this phrase into my week this week. Not sure how, but I'm gonna. Maybe just bust it out in the weekly management meeting?


FIBONACCI!! Hehe, I was rather fond of that bit! They love the Fibonacci in the IT game. Find a way to work it in!! :0D

I think you're the first person to ever combine fibonacchi and bitch in the same phrase. It's masterful and I'm somewhat jealous I wasn't the one to coin the phrase. Still, I can borrow it...I'll let you know how I go. If you see a post about me looking for a new job then you'll know it didn't go so well.

Or perhaps it will have gone perfectly well and it is leading you on your way to greater glories in life in which your current job was not one! ;O)

You know what...That's exactly how it's going to go!

I feel empowered now so will probably extend the phrase and share it in conversation with several of my clients too! They'll be awed by my magnificent turn of phrase and shower the Directors with compliments about me. It's going to be such a good thing for my career.

Hehehe, I am pissing myself laughing here :OD

You mean...I...Made the BOOM laugh?

My work is done here...I can leave this place. (Earth.)
Nah, I'll stick around. 😂

HAhahahaa, oh yes indeed! Your mission is complete!

Glad you'll stick around though! :O)

for @meesterboom

Cheers again!! :0)

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