Gothic Styled Silver Stacking : Bay City Bullion’s 5 Troy oz. Silver Vampire Fangs

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Gothic Vampires by darksouls1 under Pixabay

”Blackbirds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

Yes, it’s Saturday which means this next beauty has to be under #silverpornsaturday.

I wrote a similar post two years ago in my earlier Steemit days titled; Do Vampires fear silver? featuring the Vampy dentures collaboration made by @mr-vulcan and as a gift from @silver-vessel. Since then I had plenty of fun with them.

This time, I’m Leveling Up like a beast!

And speaking of Beast… The #silverpornsaturday tag is the birth child of @silverd510 ‘s machinations to take over the block chain world one salacious post at a time. So forget those chains, whips, leathers and fishnet stockings and show us your sexy silver as it was as natural as the day it was born in the heart of a local Supernova.

Now on to the Silver!

Bay City Bullion can be found on Instagram

If you have been following me since the beginning you know I like stories. Especially, writing fiction around my collection of Poured Silver and old silver coins from around the world representing past decades and even centuries. How else could I write about my alter ego than from the perspective of a long lived Vampire-like figure.

My character begins as Taska Menine, a 12 year old daughter of a 15th century Khazarian lord. Whose family were horribly murdered in an act of betrayal. She was sold into slavery yet later acquires the abilities of a Night Walker Vampire by a direct descendant of the first Vampire, Ambrogio.

Adopted by Giovanni Auditore Da Firenze she is taught the art of assassination and learns of various martial arts in the following years but also found herself on an eternal mission of acquiring cursed silver artifacts. In the late 18th century she becomes known as the Pirate called The Bloody Raven.

Believe me, I am not the only one. You will find them, or they will find you my dear child. If you seek safety, find the others of Ravnos clan and they may take you in.” ~ Machel the Despised

Bay City Bullion is also known as Silver Supplement

I came across an interesting article in Psychology Today; Supernatural Stimuli: Why women like Vampires. It does hit close to the mark from my own point of view and the Authors Jaime Krems and David Lundberg do make quite a rational view from an Evolutionary perspective. I have yet to find a study from the perspective from a Vampiress to sink my fangs into. Never the less I’ll pick out some of the juicy parts.

Vampires have the advantage of being able to live forever. So, they have thousands of years to acquire resources. From Dracula’s massive Transylvanian castle to the Cullens’ sprawling modern mansion, most vampires don’t live like paupers. And their immortality allows them to maintain a youthful appearance, so the women who fall for them don’t have to choose between a guy with resources and a guy with healthy youthful features.

A 500 year old Vampire disguised as a blogger?
Only her dentist knows for sure.

With their supernatural strength, accrued wisdom, ability to withstand any physical attack other than a direct blow to the heart, vampires easily overtake most mere mortals. Even their large canine teeth may help – these are reliable cues of male dominance in the mammalian world.

vampires are quite charming, polite but direct with women, and they are often sought by multiple other females, demonstrating high mate value through the principal of social proof.


To summarize: Vampires not only possess the cues that play into women’s evolved preferences, but they have them in supernormal proportions.

Again, from what a woman looks for in a prospective vampire partner.
What does a man look for in a Vampress? I believe it could be for witty conversation but I think I will leave that for another Gothic styled stacking article.

It’s way past Halloween but I hope you got your thrill, Thank you for stopping by my Post today.



1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

Bay City Bullion can be found on Instagram
Bay City Bullion is also known as Silver Supplement
Or on the Metals Mafia forum

Lestat de Lioncourt, the lead character and anti-hero from the Anne Rice’ Novels , The Vampire Chronicles. Interview with a Vampire
Edward Cullen, the lead character from Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series

Read if you dare, Warning: Mature

The Vocal: Why are Vampires seen as Sex Objects
The daily Beast: We feed during S…x

“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

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Now that's classic @kerrislravenhill fangs!!! Bay City Bullion does some beautiful work!!🤗

I'm just a bad BAT girl 🧛

😳.....Silver bullets might fix that....Oh that's for Werewolves LOL!!!😀

Excellent piece by @silversupplement and a beautiful addition to your wonderful collection, sis! Awesome!!!!
Take care sis 🥰🌺🤙 and a million hugs and kisses 🤗❤️😘

For a comparison in size next to my older original fangs. They are HUGE, so they don't fit my mouth at all so they're just for show. Much Love Sis, 🌺🤗🌹💝

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Bad things baby. That is one of the coolest pieces I've ever seen 😎🦇

In a Vampiress? She would have to be dominating, at least half as much as I, so we could enslave cities to do our bidding. Obviously, super sexy and a major appetite for sex. She would also need to be able to run a city on her own, because I'd be traveling quite a bit and at the same time, would want her to conquer for us too. Depends on what the situation would call for. And she has to carry a whip. And crawl like a cat in heat. Did I say leather? Ya, Catwoman. 🤪

@alliedforces curate 2

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 89.57%

My alter ego may live up to her Nesting Instincts and have own stable.
Ever watched the Movie "Queen of the Damned."
Maybe something like that but less glitzy and more low key.
Hey, I found my old DOM whip!

Sup is doing some nice work. Haven’t bought any poured silver in a while though. Thanks for showing them

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To me, this is #silverpornsaturday material! A bit kinky but definitely an attention getter.
It was about time I got something from him. Too bad it arrived after Halloween due to postage issues.

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Omg those teeth!

There are sooooo many gems in this post!
1 - the teeth
2 - This!!! 😂🤣 E646784C-BD24-4823-87E8-403CF1347D71.jpeg
3 - SUPER NATURAL PROPORTIONS!!! 😳😄😂 559A3D68-B41C-46FD-BFC1-FB36D9465221.jpeg 🍆


I should have stuffed two handfuls tissues in my bra in this shot for that Supernormal Proportions look.


Dear Sword-Gurl, if you are going to bite me please do it soon, before I get much older... I'm at the top of my Game right now 💪😎🤙

What was that line?
"Do you want to live forever?"
Quoted by Marine Corps First Sergeant Dan Daly,
Conan the Barbarian's lover Valaria,
Colonel Rico Mobile Infantry,
and now the Bloody Raven. 😉 💋

Wow! Those are just awesome!

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Thanks @summertooth , heck of a premium but this is sooooo my style! And hyper-allergenic too.

Those are some choppers!

Happy to see you back here @torch66 , @silversaver888 and I will likely be posting some of our articles from Steem on your Discord as there is still a good PM community here, Thanks for following up.

Very unique and cool piece! Thanks for sharing!

I always thought cool Vampires are sexy Vampires.

Ooooh those are some fancy fangs you got there 🧛‍♀️ my oh my what big teeth you have

Sometimes bigger is better, in this case better.

Silver vampire teeth! Now that's either really sexy, or vampire's are going gangsta.

Thanks @wwwiebe . Literally, a big upgrade to my old silver chompers.

Very interesting fangs, story and daring references.

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