Reliving a High From 20 Years Ago

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It’s been a stressful month to say the least. Between prepping for events at the shop, a major convention, a business that’s been slow, a failing puppy’s health, a rocky home life, and no sleep amongst other just hasn’t been a good time. I haven’t been good company and I’m well aware of it as I’m not so fun to be around as of late. I look like a zombie, and need a total break from life.

Sadly that’s not in the cards currently. I’ll be missing Steemfest in Bangkok due to the fact that my pup Bindi needs a ton of extras care. Basically 24 hour round the clock type care. Stinks as I really wanted to attend to not only see the fine folks from this platform but to visit a place I’ve never been before. Once things calm down and return to some sense of normalcy (is that even a thing?!?), I am 100% taking a solo trip somewhere. Don’t know where yet but I need to get away from life as I know it and fast.

Since that’s obviously on the back burner and not a possibility, I’ll be taking a slightly different approach tomorrow. With my wife away on a vacation with her best friend, I have the next 2 days to myself. Kinda. Bindi and all that...

So I’m going to try to wake the fuck up by doing something I haven’t done in nearly 20 years. Tomorrow at around 5 pm, I’ll be jumping out of an airplane for the 3rd time in my life. I’ll be going skydiving at Cross Keys in Williamstown, NJ. It’s the same place I went the two times prior but just under a different name.


I’ll be jumping a tandem jump at 13,500 feet and will be getting the photo/video package so I can rewatch my dumb face as I sloppily fall out of the plane. I’ll even share with you folks! Luckily it’s all paid for already as the wife got me the gift certificate a year or two back and it’s been rotting in my drawer. With the expiration date approaching in about 6 weeks, the weather getting colder, and the light in me slowly fading and needing something to keep me going...the time just seemed perfect.

So wish me luck tomorrow and hopefully I don’t look like a total dickbag in my pics and video. Who am I kidding...



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You know, I've always wondered what a ball sack might look like flying through the air. Tomorrow is your chance to find out for me. Maybe glue a hat and some goggles to it. Like a real man.

I’ll try not to let you down sir.

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I expect a full written essay on the experience and several photos of you nude flying through the air giving the O.K. hand sign, so then later on they can be exposed and used against you on Twitter for being a white supremacist.

Lolololol. I hate the world we live in

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I’d rather do some shrooms or something, but I hate heights! 😂😂 have fun😬 I guess!

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Funny thing is I did that a few months ago after 20 years of not doing it. Lol. This is my year of reliving 1998-1999. Lol

I was scared of heights and flying and did this to kinda overcome both. It worked.

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You got big ones my friend! Can I come in your 98-99 time machine?😂😂👍

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Lol. Eh...I just don’t care anymore. Lol

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That would be something wouldn't it taking a break from life, but no chances there, hope the crazy experience refreshes you.

Yeah it was definitely a good jolt to the system! You would never try?

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Most likely no, but I wont say "never" as I have thought about it.

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