Clonazepam and Coca Cola

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I made a trip to visit my family in Olanchito yesterday, I went in my nephew's car, the road is not in great shape but is not really bad so no problem we did got through some rain for about half an hour so we had to go kind of slow because of the pot holes.

Well it was a family reunion of sorts and we had a fine time at my brother's sister in law restaurant, we had good food, beer wine and of course Coca Cola, I can't drink alcohol so Coca Cola is my thing. There was even a karaoke, luckily nobody believed in himself and the only one who sang is the professional singer who is the host of the karaoke thing, she sings OK.

Well I ate a lot and by I ate a lot I really mean it I also drank about 8 Coca Colas, sadly they ran out of them at around 11:00 pm and only had Pepsi left, I am a disciplined person and decided I would rather leave than drink a Pepsi. So I walked home which is only about four blocks away, of course being the smart guy that I am I had already taken two clonazepams to have no trouble sleeping but after about an hour of trying to sleep I found it was just too hot over 32 C so I took another pill. To make a long story short I slept nothing at all.

Today I decided to come by bus because my nephew left at 5 am and I wanted to est breakfast so I left town at 9 am, it was a nice bus, comfortable but it took three and a half hours to make a 120 km trip. So I got home, put on my tennis shoes and went out to make my ten thousand daily Actifit walk, I was short of about 6,000 steps, I went to the pool hall and luckily played a few tables which make you walk a lot, by the time I left I was short of about two thousand steps, so I started my walk back home and that was when the clonazepams hit, I mean I was walking like a zombie and I was scared shit less because there was a lot of traffic and I frankly wasn't even seeing or hearing that good. Fortunately I got home OK.

But I was still short of 500 steps I completed them in the yard, there was no way I was going out on the street again, and you know after I completed the 10K steps my son showed up with a 1.25 Lt Coca Cola I drank half of it and now I am no longer sleepy. I wonder how many I will have to take tonight(clonazepam) to at last get a good nights sleep.

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Un alergil ya me tiene con sueño a mi. No digamos Clonazepam. Eso ya es de mayoresc compa.

Alergil si he usado no me sirve, y ademas al dia siguiente ando como con dolor de cabeza.

Drugs are bad.
Is weed legal there, yet?

No, nothing is legal but everything is available.

If you can get edibles, they will put you to sleep.