The Plandemics End Game

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Hey Jessvengers

Back with another load of juicy conspiracy talk, it could be cabin fever making me loopy, or it could be me thinking clearer than most. You decide!

I'm not saying the virus was a human-made catastrophe, but men did make it worse than it needed to be if it could have been contained to its country of origin far better than what was done, but that's not worth debating at this point. Be it as it may, the world's elite in politics and business are not letting a good crisis go to waste, and when things like this happen, you should always follow one thing, the money.

There will be people who stand to benefit from the position they are in, and then there are people who will actively campaign to benefit from the crisis.

Extreme measures for social engineering

Fear is a change agent for people; once they go into fight or flight survival mode, they're willing to give up anything to survive and looking for answers and a way out. Many freedoms become luxuries, and this is a great way to place the building blocks for more control as a regime.

We're already seeing marshall law across the world; we're seeing more surveillance companies combining forces, we're seeing governments accessing data like cellular records to track people and herd them as if this is a trial run for something far more significant.

I feel like a lot of the measures are overkill for the station we have now, but it's not overkilled when you think of where they could be going with this. A social tracking system would be any governments dream that wants to maintain obedience and control.

While these measures have an excuse now, do you think they will be rolled back? I doubt it, also, the longer this goes on, the more people forget about how it used to be and move on. Those that forget will be the easiest to control while those that remember will have to be handled at a later date.

Those that remember

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Fear to followers

As fear makes followers of us all we won't challenge certain ideals, ideas, rhetoric from above because they "have our best interests" in mind and only doing this because they "care about the people". That's the lube they're giving you for what's going to be put inside you a little later and just making the transition easier.

Who knows how far they're going to push this, I see talk having digital virus certificates you need to have, forcing people to vaccinations, which I imagine will also have social pressure to conform.

I see governments, banks and large corporates taking stimulus packages to buy up and nationalise or create corporate oligarchies and give them more power to artificially make resources more resources finite and squeeze consumers for more of their earning potential, disposable income and savings.

I see talk of nationalised job programs to keep people busy instead of keeping them constructive. I see so much discussion that all lead to "trample down economics", where the few crushes the many and no one gets out of line because its the breadline.

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Collapse to consolidation

As small businesses fail their resources, talent and customers will all migrate to big companies who now have a more significant share of the total addressable market. As labour is dumped into unemployment by the millions, corporations and governments have the luxury to abuse this oversupply of labour by paying them a pittance and having them accept it out of desperation.

They are killing small business, independent contractors, gig workers and anyone who dares not abide by corporate or political structures to earn a living. They are making the economy more rigid instead of more agile.

Which is ironic, because more agility and less centralisation would have helped the economic fall out we're having but let's get rid of that, shall we.

Screenshot 20200401 at 11.19.56.png

Social distancing to social tracking

As we can now see draconian measures are the order of the day and with technology, it's only going to get worse. Anyone who has an opposing thought will be labelled a detractor and isolated from society.

This is a great trail run to be able to weed out trouble makers and keep the population's eyes on the mainstream media and the propaganda tool that was starting to lose its grip over the years but now is back in full force.

It looks like our world order thinks the best thing to do is Thanos the situation and rid us of the vulnerable and make sure the healthy are enslaved to do any work without question or choice.

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It's a big takeover of the little people and no I don't think they will roll back much of these new law's if this virus ever subsides.

Well we will have a new crisis from the fall out they've created so I'm sure they'll find new excuses to keep going with extreme measures like these