The Snowflake Society Has The Chance For A Fresh Start

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Hey Jessnowflakes

I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but sometimes we need someone to put out the hard talk so we can have this awkward conversion and look inside ourselves. The coronavirus has brought the world to its knees, and we're guaranteed to have a massive recession, even a depression.

It's going to be a tough time many of us won't be ready for because despite what you believe many of us have been living in relative luxury and privilege, and this peacetime has made us weak and complacent. We've bred generations of snowflakes who aren't self-sufficient and rely on corporations and governments for everything.

We can't eat without stores, we can't learn without schools, we can't work without government or corporations, and if you take all that away, a large percentage of the world is pretty much useless.

Withering in the winter

The cold reality of what's happening has many of us scared, and rightly so, we're walking around in a world that has for so long been prompt up artificially, and now we're being snapped back into reality. We're getting to see what society is really about, what the individual thinks and how people rise when faced with adversity.

Some of us will be selfish and try to grab as much as they can while they can; others will be open to sharing and bring people together. I think it takes much more to be the sharer and carer, which is why I think there will be so few.

Either way, we show our hand and the cards we have.


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Bail us out

Now that we're in the shit, we're looking for big daddy government to save us. Look how quickly we're all willing to rally and give up our privacy and personal freedoms for a payday or the promise of safety. We're scared shitless, we don't want to be put in uncomfortable positions, and that makes us easy to control.

  • Lockdown the country because I, as an individual, am not personally responsible for my health.

  • Send me a cheque because I've not been personally responsible for my finance

  • Give me a job because I am not personally responsible for my income and needs.

Since we've given up control, we have this safety net that we can fall back on and say, its the government, it's the banks, its the economy yes I hate all those things too, and I know they're not in the interest of the people but if that's all you have to blame and never look at yourself you will always be the victim.

I guess that's what many of us will do, play that role and use I as a continuous smoke screen for never taking personal responsibility. I know what I'm saying will rub people the wrong way, but that's good, feel it, be uncomfortable, get used to it and see that it won't kill you.

The individual has the opportunity to break ties, to improvise, to adapt, to change! I know how easy it is to fall back to your default settings, but think about it, will it be worth it?

Compromising ourselves

The truth is we're all in the shit now, and the majority of us will curl up into a ball and wait for it to blow over so we can go back to working our 8 hours, coming home, stuffing our face with shit food and watching TV or social media garbage.

We fill our bodies with shit, we fill our minds with shit and for years have not had to bear the cost of it, now it comes around, and we're surprised.

Some will see this as an opportunity, a change agent, once we hit rock bottom the only way is up and the first to act in these times will be the first to benefit. The brave and bold will be rewarded, so which one will you be?

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Have you met or known a millionaire that has lost it all?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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What shall I say? No luxury here, my life improved and I save money. The sun shines, no rain, the library still has free internet and where I live life goes it's normal way. Happy weekend. 💕


It's hard to recognise "luxury" because for some it becomes their new normal and now that the normal is under threat people are losing that sense of stablility

I have water from a well, my own. No rain no water. I fill buckets to flush the toilet, not always I need to save water. I can not grow food or keep plants, shower daily because I need water.
No one collects my garbage, no one delivers shopping or food etc here.
I have no tv, radio, stereo, telephone/houseline, no airco, no dryer, no dishwasher, no freezer, no pc, no fridge, no microwave, no central heat (for the biggest part of autumn, winter, spring we literally sit in the cold, freezing cold), no drains here from the city, no gaspipes (I buy a "bottle" campinggaz to cook) my only luxury is a roof above my head, bed with blankets and electricity that is frequently down. I do not have a couch either. Each of us sit on a simple chair which is for sure not always comfortable.

Yep a reality check for most people 🤪

Lol I doubt many want to cash this Cheque 😝

Well, there will always be people who get hurt at what others say. Deliberately sensitive. I am offended by the poster of people who get offended, for instance ;)

I can't load the snowflake image, btw, I only saw your thumbnail.

A quote that circulates a lot, but not enough, lately is one of Benjamin Franklin about giving away freedom for security and deserving neither.

Old people fought for our freedom and now we socially condemn their behavior because they won't give it away as easily as modern social warriors do.

The crowd has always been a danger to itself. I remember writing academic stuff on the abstract crowd a decade ago. And now we're there, the abstract crowd crushing itself out of laziness. To at least remember what we learned at elementary school and a little bit later.

As long as Facebook is the only book you open, people, you can't be really helped.

And by you I don't mean you. I agree you have to slap people in order to bring them out of waking coma. If that's a thing...

The only security you need should be in yourself I agree, we've "outsourced" so much of what we do that we've become hollow representations of ourselves so distanced from reality. I completely agree I don't want to give up freedoms, I know they come with hardships and responsibilities and I accept that.

The crowd was designed for a certain task and now that those tasks are being disrupted they're running to the government instead of adapting. I know I'm going to have a tough time after this, I don't know where it will all lead, but I"m ready for whatever happens.

Lol I like this line

As long as Facebook is the only book you open, people, you can't be really helped.

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I'm going to have to come for some lessons then, I do like to cook and would like to try working with something as fresh as just been caught myself

I guess we'll find out soon enough which investment was better, the one in yourself or the 4 million. I'd say I am a privileged snowflake in many way, I just realise that I am and try to distance myself from it and not let it define me.

I know my working with a computer job is a bunch of bullshit lol

Ok,if we are being really serious about it, I'd say you're as much a victim (snowflakes) as anyone.
The outcome of decadence is never a good one. (cheap money being the epitome of said decadence).
$ 4 mill, and a compromised integrity, or knowing how to live of the land in perpetuity?
If you even have to ask that question, you've lost sight of reality! lol.

Do you have any land or anything?

Sadly not, I honestly don't know what happened when I finally broke the indoctrination of school and having a job life where you live to be a dependant, started my own business to take the steps to break free this all happened lol.

On the upside - you're probably far ahead of the curve, in comparison of most other 'snowflakey' people..

I surely hope so, I've tried speaking to others about it I call "normies" for lack of a better word and boy people don't like having their worlds challenged, so I end up posting my thoughts online lol

people don't like having their worlds challenged,

People don't like having their delusions reality, challenged.
It can be scary, especially if you've built up your fake reality for years - and then to be shattered in a one hour conversation?