La piña más esperada por mi sobrino,lo sorprendió con varios hijos..! The pineapple most awaited by my nephew, surprised him with several children ..!

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Querida comunidad hoy comparto con ustedes la alegría que tenía mi sobrino al conseguir esta piña con varios hijos para seguir sembrando en mi parcela , ya que esa fue una planta que le regalaron a él hace varios años y ahora fue que dio su primer fruto .
Dear community, today I share with you the joy that my nephew had when obtaining this pineapple with several children to continue planting on my plot, since that was a plant that was given to him several years ago and now it was that he bore his first fruit.

La piña es una fruta antioxidante rico en vitamina c.
Pineapple is an antioxidant fruit rich in vitamin c.

Mi sobrino sorprendido de esta piña!!
My nephew surprised by this pineapple !!

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Gracias amigo, I had not seen a pineapple freshly picked from the earth before! Very pretty. I imagine it is very sweet and juicy when it is fresh. Here we often receive pineapple in cans. It is a popular topping on pizza, or in desserts like cakes.

hello good friend yes, here they also sell it in cans and it is expensive, it costs half the monthly salary and if this pineapple is very sweet, it is the first one that the plant gives ... greetings I hope this well with your family

Mmmm, sounds delicious amigo.
Here is a photo of some pineapple I bought in a can recently.

And the pizza I made from scratch:

  • pizza crust made with tapioca (cassava root) starch
  • fresh pizza sauce (tomato paste, olive oil, oregano, salt)
  • vegan mozzarella shreds (made with coconut oil, tapioca starch)
  • pineapple
  • onion
  • banana peppers
  • vegan sausage (made with beans, peas, coconut oil, spices, etc)
  • garlic

It was very good, friend. I would bake you a pizza too.
Que tengas un gran noche.

Se ve deliciosa amigo parecidas a las que e comido en Brasil cuando fui ya que allá hacen pizzas de frutas también. Feliz tarde amigo e tenido mucho problema con el internet.

Yummmm!! We've always made good pizza, but this is the best! Haha this is how Canadians eat pineapple (we also like to drink the juice....mmmm it's been a while since I mixed with coconut milk). The rings make me want to make a pineapple upside down cake, but probably not eat it. It seems fun to say, make and look at but not to eat hahaha

Aquí a la piña no se le pierde nada uno agarra la concha de la piña cuando se le quita y se pone a sancochar con un poquito de agua y cuando ya esté cocida la hecha en la licuadora y después de batida la cuelas y el jugo que sale le hechas azúcar y también es un sabroso jugó me atrevo a decir que es mejor jugo que la propia pulpa de piña.

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