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I came across a post the other day authored by @taskmaster4450 where he discusses a recent initiative called SPInvest. The read is very interesting and can be found here if interested in more specific details about the project. Task does a lot of research and mostly posts about futuristic technologies that will change the future, and also tends to follow those who "do the research." His page is worth a look.

The idea behind SPInvest is not some happy-go-lucky get rich quick scheme. This project directly illustrates the purpose of powering up STEEM to SP with a long-term vision in mind. Depending upon your own STEEM goals, this project may or may not align with your guiding principles. I do know however, that it certainly aligns with mine.

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@spinvest is an investment club for the entire community and ecosystem which is funded through the account's direct utilization of SP MVESTs, earning SP simply by having it staked. The fund looks to utilize SP through the long-term holding technique and by also taking advantage of STEEM’s high inflation rate, which is currently around 8.59%. By this method, spinvest is currently building a safe investment portfolio using time to its full advantage while also ensuring investors’ original capital is not at risk.

Basically, all the STEEM that is sent to @spinvest will be powered up and used to fill lease requests or vote sold to receive an interest payout of roughly 20% each year. The STEEM that is sent will be compensated for in SPI token. The current rate will get you 1 SPI for every 1.12 STEEM. This ratio is only going to become less and less favorable for investors as more and more SPI tokens are distributed. At first, the ratio was 1:1, but after just a few short months the ratio has since become slightly less favorable.

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SPI tokens can also be purchased directly through steem-engine. You will find the price of one SPI currently hovering around $0.20 (just the other day when I drafted this up, the price of 1 SPI was $0.18). Since spinvest fund is such a quality and ingenious idea serving the purpose of staking and powering up STEEM, the price is set to soar as more and more people catch wind of this trend. If you take a look at spinvest’s wallet, you will see the account has grown rather quickly to more than 20,000 SP. The account was only started 2 short months ago by @silverstackeruk

This project is still in its beginning stages, but many steemians are stacking and staking SPI for reasons beyond creating wealth. If you have not heard about this investment opportunity, then make your way over to @spinvest’s page and have a look for yourself.

Disclosure: none of the above information is intended as financial or investment advice. Invest wisely, and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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Hey man, thank you so much for taking the time to write this post, it's fantastic and all the details you laid our for 100% spot on.

SPI will officially become a club in around 24 hours, i look forward to chatting and interacting with you in the future.


Yes indeed, trying to help spread word about this fantastic project you have created. Can’t believe it has taken off so quickly like you said in your video, but the idea behind this is simply genius!

For sure. Look forward to chatting, interacting, and stacking some SPI for the future 💪🏻🙏🏼💪🏻🚀


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It is a genius idea!! Best ive had in ages and im surprised nobody else has thought of it. Im also hoping that HF21 will increase SP leasing cost and our yearly ROI more to the point.

Haha that’s what I was saying to myself!! It seems so simple but the hardest part about an idea is action! Way to take the plunge, let’s see where this takes us ✊🏻

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Great description of @spinvest, resteemed :)

Thanks! I know you surely know your stuff about SPI, so that makes me feel good :)

Enjoy your holiday 🙏🏼

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Thank you for sharing this. I have never heard about SPI before and seems a great opportunity. I will have a look to the @spinvest page

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Yes, hurry over and check it out. The tokens are going, and I mean fast! We are talking explosive growth here 🚀🚀

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Thank you for writing about this. I did read @taskmaster4450, but I haven't grasp the whole idea. Now that I read your article, I can understand more. Time to visit steem engine😊

You can also buy, for slightly less (avoiding steem-engine's transaction fees), directly from @spinvest.


Putu!! Good to see you buddy 😎

Basically spinvest builds their acct via sp that is all powered up via investors STEEM and investors are awarded 1 SPI per 1.1 STEEM (currently). Once 25,000 tokens have been awarded to phase 1 investors, the rate is going to go up! (Nearly 23,000 have already been divvied out).

Better to catch wind and invest early, I’ve already secured more than 1,000 SPI because I think @silverstackeruk ‘s idea is literally genius

Check out @spinvest most recent post to watch a video of upcoming roles and partnership ideas as well as basic updates regarding the project


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Wow, sounds really great!! Thanks.

You are welcome @putu300

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You mean you get spi token which is roughly 1 steem plus 20% interest a year?

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You could get 1 SPI for 1.1 steem but since phase 1 is complete it will likely increase slightly... maybe 1.15 or 1.2 steem for one SPI. The 20% interest is what the @spinvest account will roughly make annually. The recent growth has been much more rapid, however, and the 20% is more like 35-40% thus far due to filling lease requests from @steem.leo

@spinvest, please correct me if I am wrong. I hope this answers your question a little more clearly

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For the 20% return, how do they plan to give it to us? Through Steem weekly payments ?