Invest in Mutual Funds With as Little as $0.18 USD

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Mutual funds are on the blockchain through a service called @spinvest.

You can get started with these mutual funds which have been earning an interest rate at about 20% with only one token, and one token costs only 1.2 STEEM which at the time of writing this is $0.18 USD. You can't even buy a soda for that amount, but you can become an investor.

This is one of the most impressive parts of the blockchain for me. Even a work at home mom who makes her $$$ freelance writing and covers her bills as best she can has the ability to be an investor. Thanks to the service, I now am a part holder of an account that is the size of an orca. We own tokens, we own, bitcoin, and we are soon to own silver and other precious metals.

If I were to try to invest in mutual funds using fiat, I would need at least $1000USD to get started. If I had an extra $1000 to invest, I probably wouldn't, as my money would be invested in something like windows for my home first.

My first investment was buying 10 tokens. At that time, it cost me 10STEEM which I paid for with my writing.

Writing rewards on the blockchain in and of themselves are not so impressive, but invested blockchain rewards, are pretty amazing.

As of now, I have purchased 130 tokens and have received 0.5 tokens in payouts. If I do not purchase any more tokes, and the rate of investment continues as it has, in 29 years, when I am ready to retire (a weird concept for someone who doesn't really "work" and makes their income in a way that in enjoyable to them) then I will have earned $25,684.17 in interest.

Let's pretend that in 29 years when I am ready to "stop working" steem is worth $10USD, that will be over $250,000 USD - a nice little nest egg for someone who invested less than $25 USD - and earned the $$ used by writing on the blockchain.

Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 8.48.26 AM.png

Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 8.48.59 AM.png

These charts were made on this site a tool I learned how to use by being part of the spinvest team.

If you are interested in taking a look at the program:

You get regular updates, and learn more about investments as you go.

How are you investing your steem earnings?

PS. I am on the steemleo interface and LOVING the banner that is waving on top letting me know how the markets are looking. Makes me want to look at Basic Attention token which is the only one looking like its in the green.


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The payout for spi tokens is spi tokens? Not that I'm complaining, I'm just looking for investment opportunities. I'm thinking about purchasing some and then reinvesting the profits in other projects/tokens. Thanks for the tip. Here is one for you.

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No. The payout is NOT SPI tokens, I just so happened to buy tokens early enough for them to pay out. The tokens themselves will raise in value and the value is backed by STEEM POWER.

Hope I answered that correctly and thanks for the tip.

So the fund reinvests the earnings in sp which leads to greater earnings to compound and the value for the investor such as myself is to sell when the share rises in value. Is that correct?

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The tokens will rise in value, yes, and you can trade them for steem on steem-engine. The payout was a dividend. These are planned when token sales reach different milestones.

The fund re-invests the earnings depending on what the Certified Members of the group have decided. To be a Certified Member you must own at least 10 tokens.

The tokens leased out some Steem Power to different dapps on the Blockchain, which gave us a passive income. We then took that passive income and invested it in tokens (steemleo) and bitcoin.

The passive income streams are still coming in, and we are decided what to invest in next. I am hoping we invest in precious metals such as silver, but it will be up to the whole team of certified users to decide.

HEY, excellent post. The next planned off platform investment is silver. We are currently saving toward a 1000 STEEM goal to get that silver and i think we are at around 700 STEEM. Only another week are so to wait :)

yep, it's a cool project. but do not forget that it's centralized, there are lots of risks involved.

Based on your comments in the other threads and here, it seems that you are not a supporter of the program.

Mutual funds are centralized and all investments come with risks.

asking critical questions doesn't exclude support.

No. Asking critical questions does not exclude support, that is correct.

What you posted here is not a question.

You have openly commented that you do not have an interest in joining the group, but your comments seem to criticize it in a passive aggressive manner. Makes me wonder if you know something the rest of us don't or if you just like doting your dislike in a passive manner for fun.

For now, it is centralized. Over time and the division of tasks in the club will be transformed into decentralized

Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

Interesting! Will check it out... ^_^

Thank you for visiting. Have you joined us at steemitmamas yet?

Hi! No, I believe I haven't :) Have a great day! ^_^

Hey wonderful depiction here of spinvest. I’ve been following and investing since the early beginnings when I heard from the - taskmaster. We’ve been idealizing how to help promote and expand our investor base at recent meetings. Shanibeer really took off and ran with the steemitmamas idea and hey! Looky here!

Awesome stuff, thank you much for this AWESOME SUPER WONDERFUL post !!

Cheers ms. metzli 🙂

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What a great coincidence. I've been meaning to write this post but was afraid I wasn't versed enough in the program to answer any questions that may come up, @shanibeer sure did help with that.

I am sure we will see more steemitmamas soon, especially since the entry point is so low.

For sure - spinvest was a little tough to grasp at first, and it may also be difficult to put your trust in someone else’s hands, too. But the idea and concept behind this project is so genius and it really goes to show with the rapid growth we are experiencing since launch.

The fact that SPI is 100 % backed by SP should mean anyone that is currently here (on steem) should not be afraid to take part in this amazing investment opportunity. We are looking to grow, grow, grow !!

Thanks so much for your post. Look forward to connecting and investing into the future with you 🙏🏼💪🏻

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You can do the same with MAPR token with a 20 month track record.

Ill take a look, but I’m all game on spinvest at this moment in time

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This is a lovely post: I especially like the way you have worked out the potential value of your nest egg.
I'm tagging a few people who may be interested:
@crosheille, @muscara, @marblely, @connecteconomy, @neumannsalva, @jurich60, @akipponn, @livinguktaiwan, @jaimethiel, @kaerpediem, @romeskie, @dswigle, @brittandjosie, @oceanmoon, @natubat, @teodora, @redrica, @ultravioletmag, @phoenixwren, @fiberfrau, @mrscwin, @pumpkinsandcats, @mariluna, @duchessrita, @rea, @fleur, @rimicane, @ellenripley, @gillianpearce.

Thank you for tagging people who might be interested. See you have some of the #steemitmamas on that list <3

Yes, I think it is something that might interest @steemitmamas. Is there a way to share it with all the steemitmamas?

Yes! We have an investment section in our discord group, where we share with each other. I will make sure to share there :)

Ah, I thought so, I thought I had heard @crosheille talk about it. That would be a great place to share 😍

Thanks @shanibeer for tagging, am interested, joining you in discord for the details

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You and all mama's are welcome to come chat with us. Click on the banner and it will lead you straight to our discord:


Can MR SP Invest handle all you mamas?

I'm open for any questions and @shanibeer can help me out :D

@spinvest, I'm not sure you would have access to @steemitmamas discord. Maybe if @metzli posts in the @steemitmamas investment channel and perhaps we (say, @metzli and me) could do a Q&A session sometime?

Thanks for chiming me in! Will read more into this over the weekend! Nice informative post @metzli!

Very cool - thanks for the overview! I'm definitely going to check out @spinvest, and it seems like a great way to continue experimenting with STEEM/token investing.

Thank you for your response, I really like the program, and enjoy investing my blogging earnings.

Awesome post. Good explanation of what spinvest is all about. Didn't think of my holdings in terms of 29 years time. Wow I'm gonna be a dead millionaire whoop whoop 😋

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I hope to be healthy and well 29 years from now!

Fab responses to your post 😊

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Hi @metzli, just saw this while replying to your comment about the TULIP game. I hope you realise that my MAPR fund (run at @accelerator) has been doing the same for the past 20 months! MAPR used to be just for delegators but was tokenised after Steem Engine started.

One important aspect is that one can now earn a high return without locking in SP; just buy the tokens and then sell them if and when you need the liquid STEEM. The spread on MAPR is quite narrow so it is always easy to sell.