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I sent the SteemP over to @spinvest just now, I will have it tomorrow and hopefully get it all sent out. We did GREAT, one of our best 'curates' took off about 1/2 the month, we barely made it to the end with a new record! LOLz Actually we SMASHED the 'record' of 11,500 so we really killed it. We were "on track" for over 16k until it slowed down a bit.


I will make another post with more details, but I did have an F-Ton of NEOXAG to sell, and I exhausted all the "reasonable buy orders" and was getting down to buy orders that would have crashed the Neox_AG prices. so I made a Sell order that was 20% higher than the level I had sold at. .0100 was the sell point, I filled all the .011xxx buys with that, (remember we sold 15,809) and we had 8.800 unsold. So I made a sell order for .01200 of ALL that 8,800 remainder. THEN I bought all of those and about 3300 MOAR with my UNDY Account. THEN I rolled ALL the newly purchased NeoxAG into the @spinvest-NEO account via DELI

💪😎👍 WE ROCK!!!

@neoxian will be happy, I sold ALL the proceeds and actually jacked the price (for a minute) and will be fulfilling the payouts with a few more SPI than we would have gotten. WIN-WIN-WIN all the way around! 🥇

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Superb :)

Ive transferred over the SPI tokens my friend

Very good work, more Delegation to come!!🤗


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I changed my tag to #neoxian-city and my article disappeared from neoxian site. It was in steemit and in steemleo but not in the neoxian site. Maybe I should use both tags, like you are doing. I wonder why...

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ummm I will ax Neoxian or someone at his discord.
I read that the #neoxian has a 20% 'tax' on it and he said use #neoxian-city I thought...
or maybe #neoxiancity, but does not show in the tags section when loaded. so "NOT the DOT".

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