Exploring S-E Tokenized Communities... STEEMLEO!

in spinvest •  7 months ago 

I have some Steem Leo, they did an airdrop of a few tokens (THANK YOU!!!) and my good friend @silverstackeruk rated them a HODL and seemingly a BUY. That is the basis for using them, that and the activity they seemingly add to the S-E tokens and STEEM platforms. The have a nice streamlined front-end (like steemit) and reduced power down requirements like the other S-E tokenized platforms. That is about all I know thus far, I am posting and earning. Steem LEO so far looks like a good front end and I hope to make some LEO's lol

I'm having trouble finding info on "Who is LEO?"
Uncle LEO From Seinfeld? LMAO!!!
Law Enforcement Officer? ;)
Leo the Lion?

Comments appreciated, and I always UPVOTE my visitors!

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The world may never know 🦁

OK, now I'm intrigued!!

LOL @ Welshie
Maybe we bribe him?

oh, like how many lix for a tootsie pop?