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Gold and Silver Prices are on the rise, this is very early but I advise @ EVERYONE! to BUY PMs!!!

Screenshot of the BEST DEAL ATM for Gold Eagles...


As always, this is more than ONE and less than ONE HUNDRED


Screenshot Credit is It is where I buy ALL my bulk precious metals, but I did buy some Golden Grams from APMEX. They have the ones that break up from the Valcambi Combi-Bars, and sell them at a discount. But I've spent 99%+ of my PMs budget at SILVER DOCTORS. "The DOC ROCKS!" Guaranteed best pricing. Don't even try to beat them! lol


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Great advise, @underground. I will do just that (and keep doing it every month!). Have a fantastic week, my friend. Take care.

I have a few PITA bills to take care of in the next 2-3 months,
but after that I'm thinking big time stacking, consistently.

Just checked my usual e-tailer and is listing these at $2130 CAD with free shipping! Looking at my checking account...definitely less than $2130 after paying my month end bills. Sigh. At least I got that 0.73g gold coin from MR4!

Gold is trading at record levels in most world currencies, except U$D and Euro... and a few others. Hard to predict the future but the trend is UP. 🀩

Wish I had $1500 at my disposal.

That's just for ONE at this time LOL
Gold used to be $20 EEEK!!!

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more the merrier

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