Old SSG 'getting to know you' Questionnaire RECAP:

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Found this old SSG #steemsilvergold post, pre-retirement days and I thought it was interesting! I have since retired, did most of the stuff I had planned, and thought it would be fun for a "LOOK BACK" as we approach 2020...
STILL in the nasty Crypto Bear Markets, but I'm dead set that at least BTC will spring back with the coming 'halving' and the Japan 2020 Olympics. It it is not a MAJOR BULL MARKET I will likely sell some BTC/ETH near the top and then be ready for a buy-back in the next Bear.

1/ When and how did you find out about Steemit.com and what prompted you to start and continue posting?
My good "second hand friend" from another web friend, STAN. He's a self-made crypto millionaire, and he was asking me what I like and basically tailored my web habits to making money... GENIUS! I told him I do a lot of stuff on my gun forum and he said "You should try STEEMIT!" I was the #1 up-voter at the gun forum and once I found a "votes for pay" scenario, I was immediately INSPIRED! 😋

2/ How did you find out about Steemsilvergold and what appealed to you to make you sign up?
Perhaps my hotter passion than firearms is STACKING. I was finding lots of Stacking Action on Steemit and "back in the day" we got in by "osmosis" :) I was in SSG prior to the Stax and Precious Silver Mermaid eras... Hence, "OG" lol (see below, question #6)

3/ How long ago and what first got you interested in precious metals?
I was like 10 or so, my great grandmother gave me an 1899 Morgan and I was HOOKED. I had a pretty extensive collection of "junk silver" and other coins by about 5th grade. A lot of it got stolen by a dirt poor kid who was visiting our house, and my biggest regret there is that it was probably spent as common pocket change :'(

4/ In your own mind. What type of stacker would you class yourself as if you could only pick one type and why?
Definitely a Silver Stacker, but that is changing. Once my roll-over happens, I will balance out with mostly Gold ;)

5/ Do you plan your precious metal buys with goals in mind are do you go with the flow and stack here and there?
Both, actually. I am planning a MONSTER BUY in just under a year, I have an IRA/401A I can roll over finally, and I'm strongly looking at 100ozT+ of Gold or any combination thereof with Silver. It must be Bullion COIN, no rounds. It is an SDIRA, precious metals, Self-held IRA.
I still actually do the spontaneous buys, when I have the cash. ;-)

6/ Being as OG member and watching steemsilvergold from the beginning, were do you think we are headed? Can we get any better are have we peaked?
I think the future is limitless. The free upvotes from Precious are very good, and here as I "power up" my account, I might delve back into the tiers. Once I "retire" from my union job, I will have a decent amount to invest monthly and I think a good chunk is heading into STEEM and PM's. I am feeling that we will be HUGE once Steem explodes. It's perhaps the Best (and richest) community on Steem, and everyone wants a piece. Should we make it easier to get in? No, not really, I think the PM's interest should always be there. My latest nominee did not make it, but I understand. He will eventually, if he gathers up a little more Shiny and that is exactly how it should be!

7/ If you could only stack 1 coin, bar are round. Which coin/series/bar would you pick and why?
I'd likely do the Canadian .9999 stuff, it is IRA approved and the US govt. has no claim to it if they ever do a "1933 Roosevelt" ever again. Plus I like the big leaf on there. Gold, if I were limited to one metal in the future... but I already have a LOT of Silver ;)

8/ On a scale of 1-10 scoring yourself on stackitis stress levels. What would be your highest level ever raised, what were your symptoms and how did you overcome it?
I was like Spinal Tap,


I was reading about stacking, and prepping is a natural offshoot of that, I was afraid of Financial Collapse and I bought into that theory pretty heavily. I also "stacked" a lot of guns and ammo, yes I am one of those 2A people in the U$A... lol
I have since moderated my stacking of all types, but I have a lot each. If I was all in Precious Metals, I'd be possibly in the company of the elites, @thedamus or even maybe @raybrockman level? ;) But I spread my obsessions around. I own lots of Heavy Metal and I spent more in the G-n-A than the PM's by a long shot. Live and Learn! If Hillary had been elected my firearms would be worth a fortune by now hehee

9/ Scenario – Your in a charity shop and looking to buy something advertised as silver but you see it has a platinum stamp while waiting to pay. Do you tell them? Are pay quickly and get the hell outta there?
Pay QUICK and GTFO!!! You wanna know why? Because it was likely 2 idiots, the original seller and the pawn/charity shop, and I have tried to alert people like that before, and in all fairness, they usually do not understand. If it was a Pawn Shop, they screw people all the time and a charity shop likely has no idea anyway. "Situational Ethics" at it's finest, but if it was a Pawn Situation, all bets are OFF. I did get a whole passel of US Silver War Nickels (WW2) at BELOW SPOT one time, and I called the shop later to ask why and it was a perfectly good reason, The refinery does not pay anything near spot so they just let me have them for refinery prices, about 30-40% Spot. I have around 300 of these and they are prolly my best score, price wise, ever.

10/ What’s your favourite food ever?
Prolly PIZZA, but I have several. Cheeseburgers, got a real love for those too. Foods that "do not like me" ;)

11/ As far as Passing the Torch, I'd really LOVE to know more about the ever-lovely

There it is, and here are the Addendums...

  1. (re:what type stacker) Added 25.25 ozT Gold, and it has appreciated a decent amount!
  2. (re:stacking plans) I did not do 100 ozT, I decided to diversify, and the stocks are doing well, the cryptos are at a loss but I expect a decent rebound this year! Might get all my prior principle out and jsut play with 'house money' if I can.
  3. STILL Very Bullish on SSG and STEEM. I've divested in Steem Power and bought Steem Power Investments, which is SPINVEST. @spinvest is the account, I run @spinvest-neo and we also have @spinvest-leo, all 3 are STRONG. We've all hedged our coins and earned quite the profits, it's up some 20% and we just had a Split. Future is BRIGHT!
  4. (re:foods) Also Steak, tender, well marbled and juicy... 🥩

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Ma, time fly's by! Keep on stackin!

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I intend to!

All the Precious and Heavy Metals...

Fantastic interview. WOW, how long ago was this?
I am curious to know who SilverStacker888 is. I didn't know there is another one here using the lucky triple 8s.
Thanks for the share, @underground! Enjoy the rest of 2019 and take care. 🥰🌺🤙

Has to be YOU, and it must have been before I knew you very well LOL
None of the other 888 gurls are as lovely as YOU


Ye throw the old knuckle bones and roll a 4

I'd love to own an AK47 too .... oh, that was your other post.
Hi Sis! @silversaver888
I should check if that 1401 Neoxian came back yet.
I know... don't use the @ this time. 💋