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Looking for a name, but it will be a mega-Token/curation account, using DELEGATION-activated tokens only, for the initial iteration. The entry levels will be very high, something like a token with any substantial value (1 cent) will be a bare minimum of 1000 staked, no exceptions. Lower value tokens will have a higher bar. For instance, I have 1.4 Million "FUTURE" tokens, this was basically a no value token and I spent a few steem on it. It was clearly in profit for a long time, but I forget the particulars. 1.4 million is a nice stake, might as well put that to work! I'd like to see large amounts of tokens like this. But we will decide on a case-by case basis. Yes, I have a partner in this venture, it is up to him to chime in or wait until a later date. Much more coming soon, we have to dream up a name and whitepaper type charter. Heavy Hitters welcome, but must be approved by the existing members. Based mostly on your tokens and amounts, more than anything. Once we find a way to monetize tokens that are not "DELI STYLE" we may add those later. I have 10,000 "TheDonald" tokens which have valued up nicely, but are non-stake-able. @ackza might want to change some parameters! I do plan on adding my INFOWARS Tokens, BTW.

Comments/Questions Welcome, as always!

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I'd love to support you Undy but I'm barely loose change and my SE wallet looks more like a potpourri collection. At least an upvote and a 💋

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Dearest Sword Gurl…


We will add a 'dust token' option later, it will be awesome!

Keep going, @underground!
Take care 🥰🌺🤙

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It's ALIVE 👻👺👹👽👾...............….🤷‍♂️

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