UNDY's Spinvest Club Membership Posting! 👍

in spinvest •  7 months ago 

As we near FIFTY THOUSAND SPI Sold, I find myself having an approximate 10% stake in the venture. I was going to try and find a nice PASSIVE Investment, but with such a sizable stake, I figured I should at least gain voting rights. Hence, this post...

Confirmed on 9/16/2019
My beneficiary: @darkmrmystic
Discord Account: @underground#7534

I see SPINVEST as leveraging the best returns STEEM has to offer, plus other fine investments we may branch out into someday. I see some deviation from what I might personally think is best, but if I am not "activated", my voice is unheard! Minor Deviations, but I'd like more info and a vote. That's what a DAO is all about! I was in perhaps the FIRST DAO ever on Blockchain, and that was the ETH DAO. The one that was unsuccessfully Hacked, BTW 😎 DIGIX/DAO. It was indeed compromised, but the culprits got ZERO FUNDS. They tapped into personal accounts but thru a vulnerability in the child accounts, where they stashed the funds. But these accounts had a 30 day "cooldown" and a FORK was instituted, the money was saved! I had turned $700 into $5500 in 10 months. I'm glad the voting community voted to fork the chain and save the funds, there were those saying we should let the hackers take the money for some idiotic reason... 😱 I believe the SPI group is much smarter, but my experience could be useful! 💪👍🤑😎

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Ahhhh Undy, welcome to the club, mate ! Glad to see you have decided to put all those SPIs 👀 you are holding to good use now with a say and a vote !!

Right on!!

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U betcha Conrad! I am going to PUSH the leaders and maybe surpass some of them 😱 @silverstackerUK has vowed to stay in the #1 slot, but I can at least make him buy more than he planned LOL! 🤣😹😋 He had hoped to get away with only 5k but 2 others are above that figure too, the three of us are pushing Dear Leader (😜) to greater heights!

Thanks for the comment and see you at the meetings!

Hahaha that’s the way!! Lol and I’ve seen, I’ve been following all of the action veryyyy closely my friend. Hopefully I can get to 5k, too! I’m a little more than halfway there myself

We shall see you :))

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Guess I need to get back into the venture huh?

I would 💪


Well I just bought 365 SPI to get back in 🙂