Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge on Splinterlands - PIT OGRE

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Hello to the warriors in the building!!!

This is my first time joining this challenge. I was just walking around and I found this.

I battle and battle on Splinterlands and I think it would be great to join the challenge. I hope it's not too late.

The theme of the week is PIT OGRE



This battle was 18 Mana Cost battle which means I have limited number of cards to be used which mus not exceed 18 after selecting my summoner.

PIT OGRE itself is a 6 mana cost card from the Fire Splinter and it can only be used in any Fire Splinter or Fire into Dragon Splinter battle, as long as 6 Mana is left after choosing the Summoner

I love PIT OGRE because of its Mana and Ability, this card has the stun ability and it's a Melee attack monster. In every battle, I arrange my cards in this manner MELEE first, MAGIC, then RANGE and other cards with none of the attacks.


But what I know certainly is that everyone uses Melee at first and will bring a very strong card with healing ability if available.

And this was the reason for my line up, I used PIT OGRE as my first monster because of its stun ability and I supported it with GIANT ROC because it has the REACH AND FLYING ability.

Where Reach will make it attack from the second position and Flying ability may evade attack from Melee and Range attack monsters.

My strategy worked perfectly because the rules says all Melee attack monsters has Sneak ability, in addition to the Stun ability of PIT OGRE and abilities of GIANT ROC, also with Creeping Ooze, Furious Chicken and Fire Beetle.

Battle was a win.

I use it(PIT OGRE) often whenever I have a battle that can take up to 6 Mana cost and one range or magic attack monster to back it up.


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Nice Splinterlands post :)
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Welcome to the challenge! And ya for your Pit Ogre!

You may have missed it... but we released the first version of our new mobile app. You can read about it here: Splinterlands Mobile App- Alpha Version. To get started with the app you can just put in to your browser, enter you keys and start battling! The post linked explains how to put an icon on your phone so it acts JUST like a regular mobile app. It's pretty awesome!
Tag me (@carrieallen) if you need a hand.


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