Manticore reaches for the win

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This week's Splinterlands battle challenge theme is Manticore. The manticore is from the dragon splinter and has flying which makes it a pretty useful monster to utilize. I had a quest that involved no neutral monsters so I decided to use my dragon splinter to give myself more choices in monsters that were not neutral. I used the manticore for all 3 battles but enjoyed the following one the most. The battle can be found here image.png
Rules were Armored up and Little League
With a 42 mana cap
Armored up: Means that all monsters have 2 armor in addition to their normal armor stat.. Little League: Means that only monsters and summoners that cost 4 mana or less may be used in battles. ### Summoner Selection: In this particular battle I had the choice of 6 summoners but decided to use my dragon splinter for more choices in monsters. With the Dragon splinter and the rules I had 2 choices either Daria or Camila. I chose Daria because she allows me to use higher level monsters than my Camila does and also her +1 melee will help 1/2 my monsters I will use.
*** ## Monster Selection 1rst Position: I choose the Spineback Turtle for my tank because of the thorns ability, I really like the thorns ability in any little league match.
*** 2nd position: I used my manticore for this position because it has reach and the highest health of all of my cards with reach so it would make a great backup tank. I also like the flying aspect as well because it makes it harder to hit when it is being attacked. I wish my Daria and Manticore were 1 level higher so that I could have thorns but alas not yet:(
*** 3rd position: I put feasting seaweed in my 3rd position to protect against attacks from my opponent because the feasting seaweed has a lower health. I like the opportunity this card has.
*** 4th Position: I choose the crustean king next because of the tank heal ability. I thought I was going to face more magic attacks then I did and was hoping that the king would help to counteract them by healing my tank.
*** 5th Position: I choose mermaid healer for this position because of her triage ability. Triage is nice because she will heal monsters that are behind the tank. I also like that she is level 3 and has the magic attack. With the armored up rule magic is really useful.
*** 6th Position I chose the Coral Wraith as my last card for the magic sneak ability.
Conclusion: My strategy worked very well for this battle, it took me 4 rounds to defeat my opponent but my manticore acted as a great backup tank. image.png

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I'm not sure if it's just the hive blockchain (it seems to be), but the formatting on this post is all messed up. I've not been able to get hive to load ANY images and it's been having trouble showing the markdown correctly. This post is showing me the markdown... but it's also put everything in the biggest heading size... super weird.

It looks like this:
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If you see nothing is because I couldn't get hive to load, nor tell me it wouldn't... lol

Again, no idea if this is something you can fix... or if it's just hive... but thought I'd let ya know in case you wanted to check your markdown. :)

Oh! On steempeak the post looks PERFECT. 🥰

I hadn't looked at the format after I posted. I used esteem. Not sure if it's a hive issue or esteem issue. That's rough that nothing shows up though!

Although I suspect that it is the hive blockchain because my friend posted about the Lord A someone had delegated to him for 2 weeks and it looks similar
Although, I just looked at the link and he used esteem too. So now I really dont know.