My Goblin Mech Must Have Some Rust ⚔️

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This weeks theme for @splinterlands’ "Share Your Battle Challenge,” is Goblin Mech! Ok. He was losing left and right, but here is one of his victories:

(I didn’t want to embarrass him, by showcasing his beat downs!)

Mana: 27
Reverse Speed
The Lineup

Summoner: Alric Stormbringer


Goblin Mech, Furious Chicken, Sea Genie, Mischievous Mermaid & Enchanted Pixie!

In the first position, I used Goblin Mech as my range attack monster! I then use the Furious Chicken to preoccupy the enemy as my magic monsters attacked from positions 3, 4, & 5! (Sea Genie, Mischievous Mermaid & Enchanted Pixie). Magic attack was boosted by the Alric!

Lineup by emojis: ⛈👾🐓🧞‍♂️🧜‍♀️🧚‍♀️

My strategy finally worked and the spoils were mine!!

(Don’t, tell him that I said this, but I don’t think he’s worth the high Mana! At least at level one)


Not In The Game? Get In The Battle, HERE!

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Lucky you got a won in eventually 😏

First, your 'lineup by emoji' cracked me up! 🤣
And I LOVE the Goblin Mech at lower levels... perhaps I always get lucky... Though he is spendy... there's several goblins in there working the gears. They all gotta eat! 😂


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