Free Legendary Splinterland Card Raffle (Last Chance To Participate)

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What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can check out Splinterlands by clicking here.

I will be hosting a daily Splinterlands card giveaway. The full Rewards common collection will be given out starting with the @EXPLODINGDWARF and ending with @GOBLINMECH. I will also give out the Beta Neutral card @GRUMPYDWARF on days 12/13 and 14 of this giveaway so we can complete a full 14 day cycle. This is day 14/14 so today's daily is the last chance at earning a raffle ticket.

At the end of these 14 days I will announce a raffle for a Legendary card. Raffle tickets will be earned via your participation in my daily giveaway. For each of my daily giveaways entered you will earn one raffle ticket towards winning a Legendary Splinterlands card. For example if you entered 10 of my 14 daily giveaways you would have 10 Raffle tickets in the Legendary card draw.

What Legendary Card Will It Be??

With this being a daily Rewards card giveaway it was only natural for the Legendary card also be one from the Rewards Edition. I couldn't decide on what one to raffle so I figured YOU can decide via a poll. The Legendary Monster that gets the most upvotes will be the one I offer in the Raffle.
Click here to visit the poll announcement topic and vote today

Poll Closed / We Have A Winner!


They don’t always go away. A Dark Eternal soul is already corrupted beyond the salvation of the living, so to all outside the land of Mortis, they are lost. Even when a Dark Eternal is defeated or destroyed in combat, there is often left a remnant, a flicker of the soul that once was. Sometimes these Specters, clinging to their anger, retain certain physical powers in this realm. The most powerful Fallen Specters are chilling sights to behold when they are called to tournament battle at Mount Mox

Day 14

Each Giveaway Will Last 24* Hours Before A New One Starts
Winners will be announced daily in the giveaway topics.
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Today's Card .....

How To Win Today's Contest ...

Each day will have slightly different rules.
Today I would like for you to ........
Leave A Link To Your Latest Post/Article
In The Comment Section Below
One winner will be chosen at random.

Legendary Raffle Entries Can Be Seen Below

SteemianRaffle TicketsSteemianRaffle Tickets
@tsnaks12 + 1@darthgexe2

Yesterday's Winner ...

Congrats you have been sent the ........


Splinterlands: The Kickstarter That Keeps On Kicking!

Splinterlands Total Market Cap:


The graph and total market cap above is yesterdays amount. Sadly discord isn't working correctly at the moment so I'm unable to get today's total market cap as that's where I get the market cap numbers from. The usual amount of increase over a 24 hour period for the last 3/4 days has been between $7000 and $15000 USD. It will be interesting to see if the upward trend continues when we take a look at the new market cap numbers tomorrow.

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I think 14 days of this type of raffle giveaway was a little too long. WHEN I do this again I will likely cut the time it takes to reach conclusion to 7-10 days. Tomorrow I will do one last count of all the entries and announce the winner of day 14 in a post. Later that same day I will do the raffle and announce the winner of the Legendary FALLEN SPECTER.

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I made a low effort post as my last post, due to me testing out the new Hive thing that steemit added to their beta site.
I usually put more effort into my posts, but I don't think that the post is that bad anyways.
just that I am a little dissapointed in myself that I let that one trough.

You are probably on the right track with reducing the length of time on your program.

And here's a link to my latest post:

Great timing just made a new post yesterday😎

My latest post did not have rave review, but I know it will peak a lot of interest. I noticed a cheap reward combo that has been dominating a lot of matches in silver rank. Maybe I just presented the post poorly so no attention was given.

I'll leave you a LINK and a !BEER

for you

Still new in the whole Steem community / system. Haven't made a post yet - hopefully I'll be able to soon.
Hope this could count as an entry anyway, if I win I'll definitely make a post about that ;)

Entry Noted :)

I haven't made a post in the last 7 days. I don't write much at all these days. Hope this comment stil counts. 😊

Entry noted :)

@rentmoney, Kindly find my below post for your reference.

Enjoy your time ahead and stay blessed.

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My latest post is a poem I wrote when I was 13. It's in German so you probably wouldn't understand anything ^^

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I've not made a post in almost a month, haven't had much to write about lately. But, here's the last post I've made

Having a Specter must be awesome -facing one is dreadful. They tear right through ya. heh

Haven't been to creative with my posts lately... just actifit updates really.

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