Sports Tribe is Great - but even High Quality Circle Jerks reduce level of fun

in sports •  8 months ago 

No Rant but Circle Jerks are here as well - they are better though....

Personally I love the Sports tribe here and I appreciate them doing a lot for the community and to defend reward pool rapers. I also joined a bit flagging shit or unrelated posts with my limited Power. I was a bit more powerful when I started but others overtook me. I also only post mainly once a week or so but have to admit that some criticism of others around circle jerks are kind of valid - at least they should be taken serious. Like on the mother chain Steem always the same guys are on trending, there is no doubt. Most of them provide for sure high-quality content for but to see always the same names kind of explains the circle jerk thinking by others. No matter if 5-7 writers are great, there is a need for a more levelled Trending - I saw tons of great posts that would deserve a trending position but usually end up below 1,000 and I see too many actifit shit posts landing of 10,000.

I will stop posting here for the next months

But that is a personal thing only - I am not a great writer or sports guru but consider most of my posts at least semi valuable. Given neither my Skill nor my Voting Power will ever make me a successful member here I will probably delegate my Power to someone else. Volunteers are welcomed to tell me via comment if they are interested.

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Thanks for the downvote @coininstant - any reason to outline maybe?

It was all the Circle Jerk Talk, threw me into a tailspin! lol sorry it was just an impulse flag! 😂Every time i mention circle jerk in any of my posts I get flagged, so was just carrying on the tradition, like a circle jerk! lol jk!

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Nice approach - so logically I should flag your comment talking about the jerks lol

YUP! I was asking for it! lol

Still not doing it :-) only flag real shit posts

Same here, I undecided to flag! Oh yeah the other reason I flagged it was simply because it had a broken thumbnail! lol
Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 6.14.03 PM.png

lol, broken thumbnail might be also your internet speed or a crap browser? THANKS for removing, you are my hero of the day!!

I haven't posted in six days, I do a curation project that covers all levels of user and it does okay but seeing that this post is undervalued by my totally biased standards is a bit telling of the way the culture is going but who knows O.o
Feel free to delegate to me if you want, I pretty much only do curation and try to be as fair as possible. yeah I have a lot of sports but I don't buy that peer pressure to Stake it and be handcuffed in for almost a year :)

Might be an option to consider @battleaxe - the other would be to buy millions of sports and to clean the tribe lol

oh yes :)

I wouldn't call it a circle jerk so much as limited visibility. The same authors show up on my feed every day so they will get my votes. I don't search the categories often so unless something good is resteemed into my feed they will be unlikely to get a vote. But if i do get something good there is a high chance i will follow that person and they will get more votes in the future.

Same goes for any of the tribes or steem itself. Until people start joining through the tribe itself I feel this won't change. That and the further distribution of sports tokens to spread the voting power and change who is trending.

If it was reorganized and visually more appealing it would make a huge difference imho but that doesn't seem to be a priority which is no bueno for anyone. It just seems like Steemit with very little difference and instead of spicing it up with the complaints or just addressing it is crickets which helps nobody on any level either big earners or not.

The hardest thing is it exhausting to find good post when you to dig through so many actifit reports and dlike post. Not that these can't be good, but more look like a sloppy, quick job in order to get some rewards.

I hope to see around, I'm not a great writer myself but I'm trying to bring something different what is here already.