PROVEN: Ukrainian Collusion, with UNDERGROUND!!!

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PODAVACH makes a single unit, multi-caliber AR/AK SPEED LOADER!

PODAVACH gif.gif.png

Works with nearly ALL Ar-15 calibers, AK47 and AK 74 commie guns 😎 $69 with a case, which is a real deal! I was looking at $150 for the Mag-Pump setup, which collates the cases for you, but $300+ and more complexity is a scary thought! PLUS, I also want the 9mm loader, which is ANOTHER $150 so we're looking at near $500 for 3 loaders. I'd rather get the PODAVACH universal loader and save over $200 in the process! More like $240 but I selected the tactical case for the U-Loader. Clicky the video to see how it works, it's a sweet setup! The loader is made 'universal' by the tapered bullet end (top) so it can hold 5.56x45 NATO rounds as well as the ubiquitous 7.62x39 (AK47) and the newer AK74 variant, 5.45x39. I do not have 5.45x39 but the option is there. The AK47 uppers for Ar15 are very common now, and I really want one! BUT, I do have 3 AK47 firearms already, in the original form.
YUGO M70-1-1.jpg
PLUS, More AR's than I care to admit in a non-gun forum setting 😎
Here's a couple...
A2 clone complete rt side.png
Other side...
A2 clone complete.png
and finally:
Rob's AR big.jpg

Such a loader can be very handy for a dedicated sport shooter, and I have the mags and ammo to really work this thing out. Those wild and crazy Ukrainians can really make a great price on an awesome item and get my business! I still want the 9mm Mag Pump, cuz I also have a 9mm Battle Rifle (AR9 carbine) and the AR9 pistol, which is Glock compatible. 30+ round Glock and Colt mags are not so much fun to load by hand for a competition or practice, and if we ever go full-on SHTF it will be worth it's weight in GOLD.
1875 S double Eagle reverse.jpg

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You just got the approval from the Mrs @underground, she hates loading one at a time😬

lol 🤣

Do you make her do all the loading?
Ordered on Dec 26 USPS received TODAY


Lol...Long ago when I got her interested in shooting I loaded her 9mm...
Finally I told her I might not be around when she need to reload....
Now she loads faster than me!!😀

Smaller Fingers?
My son and I were at the range once and a young couple was there. She did all the loading but they both were shooting. We showed them our MagLula's and she thought it was a great idea, prolly went on strike 🤣

Yeah the Mrs watched your video and she said do they make this for 9mm Lol!🙃😊
This is an excellent speed loader for the 7.62 !!👍

Not that type loader, but there are several good ones for 9mm!
U need to get her one :D
Or two, one for the both of you 💪

Oh yes my friend!!🤗

@elizabethbit Good to know you are also a shooter!

@silvertop I'm in Indiana, we have relatively little stupid gun laws here, Thank God! When you see that Texas church shooting, they had 6 armed members there, and the Sunday morning assembly was 242 that day. A liberal writer in the gun control camp said she'd be uncomfortable knowing that many guns were in her church... Our assembly is roughly 1/4 of that and we have the same number OR MORE carrying on any given Sunday 🤣

Crazy, We are about the same size as you church @underground, and we just had a Wedding this Summer and everyone in the Wedding party open carried!!(Washington)
I missed this one, but the photo's were awesome!!
The Mrs and Me co-lead one Worship team and we carry matching EC9s😀


Very Nice!

EC9 is that Ruger?
I have not settled on a carry piece yet, my taste is old school and I trend towards to the 'not recommended for self defense' calibers and such. I have a G21 converted to 460 Rowland with drop-in 10mm capabilities, both too powerful for SD, if one has to justify an action to a jury 😵
Our minister carries a 1911 in 45 ACP, of course. Most everyone else has some sort of 9mm. My main round in 9 is NATO, it's a little more powerful but very consistent. Loaded to a tighter spec apparently. I have NO 40 S&W anything at this time, my "40" is 10mm 🤣 I may dip my toe back into the 40 pool if the 45 and 9 do not prove satisfactory. I should prolly just use what I have in calibers, cuz if I get 40 S&W again I have these 'rules' you see... 1000 rds minimum of any caliber I use, 10 magazines per pistol (min) and usually a backup 😎

Yes the EC9S is A Ruger single stack mag,
Compact and an easy concealed carry. The Mrs is very accurate with this pistol, it has a very short and light trigger pull.
It’s always a very tough decision what to carry, and this is light, compact and very accurate!
We also hike in Cougar country, so we both ALWAYS carry!
I found some ballistic jell videos on Colt brand solid copper HP 9mm rounds. They don’t fragment like jacketed copper, and can penetrate deeper because they are solid, and as they expand they are about the size of a 50 caliber in diameter!💪👍😊

Lehigh Extreme Penetrator, it's a bit heavier (still solid copper, non-expanding) and leaves a permanent wound cavity like a hollow point, due to the hydraulic effect of the flutes cut into the profile of the bullet. UNDERWOOD makes a great full-power cartridge, Lehigh just makes the bare bullets from what I understand.
I'd only use that on cougars, not necessarily in an SD situation.

I believe I have seen this bullet, I kind of backed off from reloading for a while much going on LOL!!😀

you can get it loaded by Underwood, Buffalo Bore does some Lehigh too, BTW


Worship Team 😊


Some of that hardware appears to not be "California Legal"


And I'm stuck bringing a big knife to a proverbial gun fight. ⚔

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If you make your way to the compound, you will be armed and fed...


these are my boom sticks

ahhh, the Dragon's Breath shotgun rounds!



But of course.

To see such Commie propaganda coming from another Proud Patriot makes me ill.
нет, спасибо ... нет


One must be prepared for any eventuality, and odds are that AK's could be in the next major conflict. Did you not know that it is the most common battle rifle on the planet? Better to have one and be proficient with it than to capture one, try and find ammo, and learn it under duress... There are (estimated) 500 million firearms worldwide, and up to 100 million of these are AK47s. So it will be involved in nearly every armed conflict of any magnitude.
I'm a Proud and Pragmatic Patriot 💪

@spinvest-neo if I remember correctly the Ak was designed to be buried in mud cleaned off and would still be reliable, and it's extremely easy to field strip!!🤗
One of my favorites...The Hungarian AMD-65😀

I have a C-39 'pistol' with 10.5" barrel, YUGO M70 and an Egyptian Maadi.
I traded a 10.5" Romanian. The funny thing now is that an AR15 is cheaper
build, buy or piece together than a AK at this point 🤣 economy of scale on
the AR caught up with the Demand Curve of the AK... Sanctions helped a bit
as well, "thanks Obama" 😝😝😜 Just as I was getting into the AK's. Day
late and a dollar short, for the most part...

That C-39 "pistol" is a keeper, these are going to get harder, and harder to find!
I never owned an AR15, the prices were reversed for a while, and the AR15's were priced like Gold🙃

C-39 is an American made "AK" and I am keeping it. They say it ahs some known deficiencies, but I will just fix it.

BUY THE AR-15 NOW, they are rock-bottom and slowly rising in prices. Still very, very LOW.

It's a leftover from all the anticipated "President Hillary Clinton" & loading up for the gun scares 😱😳🙃🤣🤣🤣

I so wish I could @underground, so many projects...and the fiat is spreading out🤔

$400 complete is possible, if you "build it"... and that is just really 'assembling' one. Might have to 'assemble' a lower, but sometimes complete lowers are really cheap. Then buy an upper, attached with 2 pins... "BUILT!" 🤩
Prolly be more in your state, depending on certain restrictions... Cali is really bad, they have the 10rd, non-detachable magazine rule, no pistol grips, among other things. Funky looking lowers on those.