Movies about sport #2 - ''The longest yard'' - 2005 with Adam Sandler !

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In this post I want to review the movie with Adam Sandler that's called ''The longest yard''.

I watched the movie a long time ago and almost forget it and thanks to the contest I had and to the sport community in steem and @pouchon4sports who remined me about this movie, I watched it today again.

I really enjoyed watching it, because I just love Adam Sandler, he is really one of the best actors in the world and he's very funny and even motivational sometimes. Most of the movies he plays in are so emotional, including this one.

I will not spoil the movie and I hope you will watch it, but you can take a look at the trailer here :

But, I will tell you waht I learned from the movie.

So, the idea is about a foodball player who get get cached in the jail and teaches there people how to play football, even if those are not professional players and why, not, I think anyone is able to play any game he wants.

First of all, the guy did some mistakes in his real previous team and he was a kind of hatted. But the movie shows how he found a new team, what prove us that we always can find our team if we keep looking.

The second thing is that, no matter how you looks like or how well trained you are, you can always play.

The third thing is just like in life, cross all the obstacles and you will always find a way to win.

The other thing, is never too late to change, you can always change for the better, in any age, in any situation and in any time.

If you don't have good friends now, you can always find better ones.

This one maybe is not that good, but sometimes playing unfair is ok to reach your goal in case you are not hurting anybody.

Life is hard, don't let the losses stop you. It's hard to lose someone, but we have to continue living.

Don't let anything break you down. Some people don't like to see you successful, prove them the oposite !

Do something good for others just like that, without expecting the return, you will always find people who will appriciate.

Forget about the vengeance or other things and always focus on the game to win !

Sometimes we have to sacrifice everything to win and it maybe worth it.

We have to forgive our team players for their mistakes and support them during the game no matter what.

When I think about the game in the movie, I compare that to life and even to our steem journey. All those tips or ideas work as well here.

That's what I learned from the movie and I kept pausing it sometimes to write every single idea I had about it.

Enjoy watching. ☺

Thanks to #sportstalk that's motivating me now to watch more sportive movies to share !

All those movies are really motivational and after watching them, you understand how sport can be important and how huge is this industry to invest in.

I hope in the future more people will join steem to share their sportive content here.

Stay tuned for more reviews about great movies I watched.

I really recommend to watch this one.

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I also find him one of the best actors in the world. Any movie that has it is no exaggeration to say that the movie can be spectacular to say the least. Being honest I don't think I've watched this movie yet. The cool of the contest you created helped to have more options for me to watch too. So the little you told me must be pretty cool. Thanks!

You're very welcome. Yeah, I wanted to make the contest useful for everybody and I'm glad I'm reaching my goal with that. ☺