Movies about sport #3 - "Moneyball" - 2011 - with Brad Pitt !


I watched this movie today for the first time in my life and I'm really impressed.

The film is about the manager of Oakland Athletics, Billy Beane.

So, Billy met Peter Brand, the strategist who come with The Moneyball Approach.

They both believed that baseball is kind of strategic game, but it seems everything is what's happening at the stadium. It's all about how the players are well trained and not about what their bosses want from them.

Even if The Moneyball Approach was very good for a while, but not everything we want, we can achieve. No matter how hard we work for it or how long we fight for that. Sometimes we just have to accept our destiny and move forward.

You can of course watch the trailer here :

But, nothing is compared to watch the full movie and feel everything.

It's based on a true story and you can read about it here : Moneyball (film)

I've found as well an interesting article about The Moneyball Approach to Building a Software Team.

I liked the saying that was said often in the movie and that's :

I think we can be romantic with any kind of sport and even in life.

Those are my emotions after watching the movie, so it's great.

I didn't know that i love sport so much, but it seems that I'm just in love with it. ☺

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I think we can be romantic with any kind of sport and even in life.

I do agree with your statement, @clixmoney. And we keep creating contents to earn some money..hehe...have a nice day.

Thanks. You're very welcome. Let's earn even more. lol☺